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Acura Service Scottsdale
Acuras’ are more than luxury vehicles. They are meticulously designed, crafted to deliver the highest level of performance at every turn. From the unforgettable profile to its reputation as a street fighter, the Acura is designed for style and performance. You want to make sure yours is getting regular servicing, and that its capabilities are maintained for the entirety of your ownership. The only way to make sure that happens is by having regular Acura service at a shop that specializes in luxury grade Japanese vehicles. At Tech Plus Automotive, your auto repair shop in Scottsdale, we do, and our team will make sure your vehicle leaves our shop ready to deliver.

Get certified Acura servicing today.

Your Acura isn’t just a part of who you are—it’s responsible for getting you there on time, delivering the quality performance you expect and keeping you and your passengers safe. Putting your Acura in the hands of an unqualified garage is putting your future in those very same hands. Our mechanics are ASE certified, and our garage carries the distinction of being an ASE Blue Seal Shop. That means an experienced lead mechanic will always be present for your vehicle’s servicing, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Your Local Acura Servicer

Whether you’re following your manual specified vehicle servicing or know exactly what you need, we deliver. Just some of the Acura services we provide include:

  • Inspect your vehicle’s fluids and levels.
  • Replace your engine oil and oil filter.
  • Inspect your exhaust system for wear.
  • Inspect and replace your brake fluid.
  • Replace air, dust, and pollen filters.
  • Replace the timing belt and water pump.
  • Adjust the valves if necessary.

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Don’t let preventable problems take a larger toll. Our services are designed to keep your Acura running its best, well into the future. Make sure your Acura has a bright one and call or contact us to schedule your Scottsdale service appointment today.