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BMW Tire and Wheel Alignment in Scottsdale
There are two key reasons to have your car’s alignment checked annually:

1. Misaligned tires cost you more money
2. Misaligned tires will negatively affect your car’s handling

Even the slightest bump against a curb can impact your car’s alignment. Having your vehicle serviced by certified mechanics will help save you money and time spent in the shop. At Tech Plus Automotive we help drivers in the Scottsdale area save time and money with computerized alignment services.

The Best Tools for the Best Brands

At Tech Plus Automotive we specialize in the maintenance of the area’s most popular European & Import brands:

Our shop uses the latest factory grade tools and equipment for all services and repairs for your car.

When Should I Get an Alignment?

  • If your car drifts to one side on a relatively flat road.
  • If you are driving straight and your steering wheel is off center.
  • Your wheel vibrates even when driving slowly.
  • Your tires have uneven wear and tear when you check the treads.
  • Loss of responsiveness, steering isn’t tight.

We guarantee your satisfaction with every visit. Our mechanics back our services and alignments with a nationwide 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

Impacts of a Bad Alignment

  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Increased tire wear & tear
  • Steering components wear out faster
  • Stopping power reduced when braking
  • Tires more likely to blowout

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At Tech Plus Automotive we use a laser-based system to accurately correct your car’s alignment to factory specifications. We also inspect all tires for wear and tear and other components for signs of developing issues. Located in Scottsdale, we help drivers from surrounding areas like:

Call or visit our shop today to schedule your next appointment. Our ASE certified mechanics are here to test your alignment or help with any other service questions you have.

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