Aquatic fun in Tempe AZ starts right here!

It may be hard to believe, but Tempe, AZ is home to an incredible aquarium. Just because you live in the desert doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sea life. It’s created with kids in mind, and that makes it ideal for a family trip. Located right next door to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center makes it a snap to visit both. That provides you and your children with a full day of entertainment, made even easier when you go for a combo pack. Saving time saves stress on your BMW, and keeps you from needing an auto repair shop. .

You aren’t just helping a local business!

When you visit your local aquarium, you aren’t just helping a local business thrive. The Seal Life Arizona Aquarium also engages in animal husbandry and rescue. That helps wildlife in two different ways. The aquarium works to house and rescue animals that would otherwise not survive in the wild. They also engage in breeding programs in order to help endangered species. These new additions may stay at the aquarium or moved to another to further education. Captively bred sea life may also be released back into the wild in order to naturally increase these animal populations.

Just some of the amazing aquatic features you’ll see include:

  • Live coral reefs – A great way to learn about the aquatic ecosystem is to see it in action. Live coral reefs present a unique opportunity for young children in Arizona. They can get a glimpse of a bigger whole, and really get a feel for a living underwater system and the creatures that call it home.
  • Fish shoals in 360′ – Fish shoals are incredible. It’s hard to imagine, but each fish is moving independently, following the fish nearest to it. The viewing bubble at the aquarium allows you to get an immersive, fully 360-degree view of a fish shoal in action. Watch one of nature’s most amazing sights!
  • Creature filled tidepools – Nothing spurs interest in a child, like interaction. The tidepools at the aquarium are child-friendly. Populated with starfish, small rays, fish, crabs, sea slugs, and more. Trained educational experts are on hand to monitor activities and teach inquisitive young minds.
  • Reef sharks – As one of the oldest living creatures in the ocean, sharks have evolved to become top predators over millions of years. View black tip reef sharks up close and personal while learning about how they fit into the eco-system. As top predators sharks actually stabilize an ecosystem by regulating fish populations!

Other great activities in Tempe include: Some of the best local parks, a great nightlife, and robust sporting complexes!