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European Auto Engine Repair

In any car, engine issues are a major problem but in European luxury cars, engine issues can quickly and drastically change the performance of your vehicle. Sometimes repairing your car’s engine is too long or expensive a process to be worth it, leaving you stranded and not wanting to buy a whole new car. At Tech Plus Automotive we specialize in engine replacement services for Scottsdale area drivers to continue enjoying the best performance possible from their cars.

Decades of Experience with the Best Brands

At Tech Plus Automotive we specialize in the service of the area’s best European & Import brands:

Our shop uses the latest available tools and equipment to ensure that your car gets the quality of service it needs. We understand that engine replacements are a major service that require accuracy & attention to detail. Our ASE certified technicians will always work to ensure that any engine replacements are handled correctly the first time, getting you back on the road with a car you can trust. We will also always fully inspect your car to ensure all other components are in proper working condition and free of any additional issues.

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When you visit Tech Plus Automotive, our friendly staff will make sure that an engine replacement is actually what your car needs, working to find other solutions whenever possible. Located in Scottsdale, we also help drivers from:

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