Find out How Emissions Service will Improve your Automobile’s Fuel Efficiency

by Admin April 20, 2016

Is it time for you to get an emissions service? Possibly! It’s never a bad idea to check. If you don’t know what exactly your emission system does, follow along.

In automobiles, the emission control system acts like the chimney of a house. As a chimney serves the purpose of keeping fire smoke and other burned particles out of the air that home dwellers are breathing, so an emission system keeps dangerous fumes and gases from passengers.

Gasses come from three main places:

  • Engine exhaust
  • Fuel tank and carburetor
  • Crankcase

When examining the efficiency of the system’s ability to keep the inside of a car safe for travellers, all components must be checked and confirmed to be in working order.

Beyond keeping the air clean and safe, an effective system helps convert pollutants into less harmful byproducts, which eventually make their way out of the car and into the atmosphere. A clean system will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency (good for your wallet and the environment), and it will help reduce the noise your car makes while on the road. The most effectual systems make sure to direct exhaust gases to be used as heaters for air and fuel before being burned themselves.

So many perks of an emissions service! Is it time to come see Techplus today?

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