Lexus Ignition Switch Failure

How to Detect Lexus’s Ignition Switch Failure in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin September 6, 2019

The ignition switch in your automobile is a truly complex device that is responsible for powering multiple electrical components and systems. In the past, ignition switches required a specific key to be inserted for functions to operate. However, most of the luxury vehicles of today utilize a keyless system which replaces the key with a push button. Either way, the ignition switch is crucial component that activates the main electrical operations of your vehicle.

Lexus is known for luxurious comfort, sleek design, and innovative technology. Their high-quality engineering is unsurpassed; Lexus sets a high standard of excellence. However, these automobiles are not completely resistant to mechanical issues or malfunctions. Ignition switch failure can negatively affect your Lexus experience and cause serious problems. Most switches begin to malfunction intermittently instead of failing all at one time, so when you notice the first signs of trouble, you should consult an expert mechanic as soon as possible.

Signs of an Ignition Switch Failure

The engine dies after starting

This is one of the most common signs of a switch problem. Regular vibrations or prolonged heat exposure can wear down the contacts inside the switch. This may lead to a temporary loss of power which, in turn, will cause the motor to misfire or die. Over time, corrosion can develop on the electrical circuits that relate to the ignition. This too can prevent the adequate flow of power to the switch.

Engine will not start

The ignition switch supplies direct power to the starter. If this component malfunctions, the motor may not turn over or start at all. In this situation, your vehicle will have to be towed to a reputable European auto repair shop.

Sporadic loss of accessories or lights during operation

A disruption in the power to the electronic components of your vehicle can result in flashing dashboard lights or intermittent accessory performance. These interruptions of electrical operation will most commonly happen while the car is moving, if in fact it is related to a faulty ignition switch.

Key will not turn

If your Lexus requires a key and it will not turn or gets stuck, you may have a failing ignition switch. A bad switch may even cause the motor to continue to run when the key is removed.

When these issues arise, it can be dangerous or even impossible to drive your automobile. You could become stranded or stall in the middle of traffic. Driving should only be resumed after the ignition has been inspected and repaired as needed. The safest way to diagnose and repair a faulty ignition switch is to take your Lexus to a qualified auto repair shop. The switch is commonly integrated into the anti-theft system of your vehicle and must be addressed properly to ensure there are no consequences to that system. The replacement of the switch must be done through the steering column, and there is a risk of unintentionally deploying the airbags.

Trust the Experts at Tech Plus Automotive

Tech Plus Automotive has been Scottsdale’s #1 independent European auto repair shop since 2003. We employ ASE certified, factory-trained technicians who are dedicated to providing high-quality service for the residents in the Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ areas.

Our loaner car program, shuttle service, comfortable waiting area, and complimentary car washes are just a few of the many conveniences Lexus Ignition Switch Issue Check we provide for our customers. We also use car seat covers, fender covers, and floor mats to make sure we protect your paint as well as your interior while we are servicing your automobile.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to address the ignition switch problems that your Lexus may be experiencing. Tech Plus also uses only high-grade replacement parts that are in line with the strict tolerance guidelines that these models have in place. We want your automobile to be safe, dependable, and a joy to drive. Our commitment to quality, workmanship, and satisfaction will surely exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your Lexus maintenance, inspection, and repair needs. A member of our team is waiting and happy to help assist you!

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