Are you overpaying for Mercedes service in Scottsdale?

BMW Service Scottsdale
There are a few ways you can get the service your Mercedes needs. The first? Take it to a dealership. You’ll get vehicle service by expert mechanics, OEM factory parts, and pay a premium. The second choice? Bring your Mercedes-Benz into Tech Plus Automotive, your new favorite local auto repair shop. Our mechanics have the same knowledge and expertise, use OEM or high-grade replacement parts that maintain your warranty, and what’s even better? We don’t charge a premium for our brand-name.

Keep your Mercedes running its best without the name-brand surcharge. Contact us now for certified Mercedes-Benz vehicle servicing.

You aren’t paying for better work at a dealership, you’re paying for a name—that ends with a call to Tech Plus Automotive.

Get certified Mercedes services today.

Your Mercedes is a finely-tuned machine. Every part has to meet strict quality standards that outstrip nearly any other manufacturer. You put your vehicle at risk every time you don’t us a Mercedes-specific service center. Our Mercedes-Benz service garage is ASE Blue Seal approved and every one of our mechanics is ASE certified. We don’t perform servicing in a bubble. Each Mercedes serviced is overseen by a lead mechanic. They continually check workmanship and ensure absolutely nothing is overlooked.

Your Local Mercedes Service Center

We will maintain your Mercedes. We can diagnose issues, complete manufacturer recommended maintenance, or service an area on request. Help your Mercedes stand up to Scottsdale driving conditions with the following services.

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Why risk the need for repairs when you can prevent them? Our services are formulated to ensure your Mercedes stays in peak condition. Get the most out of your performance vehicle. Call or contact us today to schedule your service appointment.