Porsche Service

Porsche Service Scottsdale
A German engineered Porsche is a thing of beauty. Designed to make a statement whether you choose a sports car, sedan, or SUV, these premium vehicles require regular servicing to perform their best. Not just any auto repair shop is equipped to service your Porsche. These vehicles must use very specific fluids, parts, and wear differently than lower-cost commuter vehicles. The right garage can ensure your vehicle is performing to factory specifications. At Tech Plus Automotive we specialize in foreign vehicles, and we’re your premier local Porsche servicer.

Servicing your Porsche vehicle with the care you expect.

Our ASE Certified mechanics know the value of your Porsche isn’t just in the vehicle itself. It’s in the way it makes you feel. Porsche delivers legendary acceleration, turning, and stopping power like few other vehicles can. Our mechanics treat it with the respect it deserves, no matter what service we’re providing. Some of these crucial services include:

  • Changing your engine oil and oil filter.
  • Replacing your air filter.
  • Replacement of your cabin air pollen filter.
  • Inspecting Brake discs, pads, and hoses.
  • Radiator and coolant inspection.
  • Inspection of the electrical system.
  • Brake fluid check and replacement.
  • Spark plug check and replacement.
  • Transmission fluid check and flush.

Your ASE Blue Seal Shop service provider.

Acquiring the ASE Blue Seal means an attention to detail other shops cannot match. A knowledgeable lead mechanic will always monitor and oversee your Porsche’s servicing. We only use products that meet or exceed Porsche factory standards for strength, durability, and reliability. Coupled with our 24,000 mile/24 month warranty you’ll drive away knowing the quality of our services is guaranteed.

Contact us today and schedule your Porsche services.

We’re dedicated to making your vehicle runs its best. Get the most from your Porsche and experience luxury the way its meant to be. Call or contact us in Scottsdale to schedule your appointment today.