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Pro Repair of a Water Logged Fuse Box in Your Volvo in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin November 5, 2020

Cars as reliable as Volvo are known for having long lifespans and providing a comfortable drive for years. With proper maintenance, they can serve you for a lifetime. However, a waterlogged fuse box can be a serious issue in a vehicle that can affect many different components under the hood.

If you’ve driven in flood water or through heavy inclimate weather, inspecting your Volvo’s fuse box to check for a waterlogged condition should be a priority on your list. If you discover that your vehicle’s fuse box is indeed waterlogged, take the car to a professional shop right away so that additional problems do not develop.

The Importance of the Fuse Box

There are a number of parts that work together to keep electricity flowing throughout your vehicle. In today’s day and age of electronics, these parts are more important than ever. In short, the fuse box is the regulator of the electrical currents that are passing in and out of your vehicle.

For the most part, the fuse box lowers the electrical current that is passing through the wires so that the electronics of your vehicle do not get damaged from too much electricity passing through. If fuses were not installed, a large jolt of electricity could fry the entire electronic system on your vehicle.

In an object as big as your car, with high voltages passing through constantly, having a working fuse box is incredibly important. Typically, there are 2 fuse boxes on a vehicle. The first is in the engine compartment. It protects the electrical components that are used by the engine. The second fuse box is located under the dashboard usually and protects the electronics that power the comforts of the passengers.

Single fuses or an entire fuse box can blow, but having a waterlogged fuse box can lead to additional issues that pose a greater danger to the vehicle. If you have reason to believe that one or both of your fuse boxes are waterlogged, don’t hesitate to bring your car to a professional.

Signs of a Waterlogged Fuse Box

As discussed, the fuse boxes within your vehicle serve the important purpose of regulating the powerful electrical currents running through the car. A waterlogged fuse box is never a good thing and watching for the signs that this has occurred to yours can help you to stop the problem early on.

Electronics Shorting Out in the Cabin

Water and electricity are a notoriously bad combination, and a fuse box that has been exposed to water damage may end up shorting out. When this occurs, if the fuse box is in the passenger compartment, you may notice some of the electronics in the cabin begin acting erratically. If you see no other problems with your vehicle, consider the fact that something may be amiss with your fuse box.

Engine Problems

Unfortunately, waterlogged fuse boxes are more likely to happen to the engine fuse box where water can easily get in if there is a leak. Should water get into this box, the electronics that power your engine may begin to fail which will result in noticeable engine issues and noises. Take notice of these and respond accordingly.

Smell of Smoke

If the fuse boxes on your car have become waterlogged and are no longer functioning, there may be no regulation to the electrical currents. This could cause burning to occur to wiring within the vehicle and you may begin to see or smell smoke from under the hood.

How Tech Plus Automotive Can Help

Keeping your fuse box safe and free of liquid Volvo Fuse Checkis the best way to keep your car functioning properly. This is something that we understand here at Tech Plus Automotive, and we hope you choose us to solve your Volvo needs.

Our certified technicians have extensive experience serving clients in the areas of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ. This experience, coupled with our history of working with Volvo’s, means that we can identify and replace any fuse box problems that may arise under the hood. Give us a call or come visit us today to see why you should trust us with your vehicle.

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