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Repair Your Land Rover’s Drive Belt at the Best Shop in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin February 6, 2020

Land Rovers are incredibly multi-functional vehicles that are known for excelling in both fun and sophistication. Designed with action in mind, Land Rovers are now the perfect match for busy suburban families as well as professionals who are always on the go. Land Rovers are also well-known for their long lifespan, being able to run decade after decade. However, because of this, some of their more longer-lasting parts can start to wear out. One such part is the drive belt. In this article, we will explore how and why the drive belt fails and why repair is essential.

What is the drive belt?

The drive belt is also commonly called the serpentine belt due to its snake like appearance. The drive belt is a ribbed loop of reinforced rubber that is located under the hood. It is powered by the engine’s crankshaft. Modern variants can power all primary systems as well as accessories, so this part is one of the most essential components of your Land Rover.

The drive belt rotates when you start your vehicle. It then delivers power to the alternator, air conditioning, power steering pump, the water pump, and also the air pump. When the drive belt ceases to function correctly, many and sometimes all of these important systems won’t receive power. A drive belt with problems needs to be replaced in a timely manner to prevent potential catastrophic damage that can be caused by a snapped belt.

Signs the Drive Belt Needs Repair or Replacement

The following signs and symptoms should not be ignored, as they can indicate an issue with the drive belt.

1. Illumination of Battery Warning Light

When the battery develops a charging issue, the battery warning light will be triggered. In cases where the drive belt is at fault, this will occur because the belt isn’t rotating properly, meaning the alternator isn’t able to charge the battery.

2. Squeaking/Squealing Noises

A misaligned belt will be under strain, which will result in squealing and screeching sounds.

3. Overheating

If complete failure of the drive belt occurs, then it can directly contribute to the failure of your engine. As we learned earlier, the drive belt is in charge of powering the water pump, which is an essential component for the cooling system. You can stop the issue from getting out of hand by keeping an eye on your engine temperature gauge.

Wear Pattern Analysis

Potential problems with the drive belt can often be preempted or even diagnosed by a visual inspection. You can analyse your drive belt by looking out for the following:

Wear Pattern Seen What Caused This Next Steps
You can see cracks in the ribbing. Your engine is reaching high temperatures. Have the belt replaced.
You can see chunks that have been taken out of the belt.. The belt is old or has been exposed to heat. Have the belt replaced.
You see that the belt’s surface is piled. You’re dealing with worn pulleys or belt misalignment. Assess the condition of the pulleys, if the belt is to blame then replace it.
You see that the belt has abrasions. The belt has been impacted by debris. Inspect under the food for foreign objects. Test the tension of the belt and replace it if problems persist.
You see that there is rib separation. The belt is poorly positioned. Have the belt replaced.
You see the belt is unevenly worn. The belt has been impacted by debris. Have the belt replaced and install an engine protection shield.
You see gravel stuck in the belt. Your Land Rover lacks an engine protection shield. Have the belt replaced and install an engine protection shield.
You see that the ribs on the outside of the belt are worn. The pulleys are misaligned. Realign the pulleys and have the belt replaced.
You see the belt is contaminated with oil. There is an oil leak. Clean the belt, then locate and repair the leak.
You see the belt has snapped entirely. Many reasons such as:
–          Impact
–          Age
–          Severe shock loads
–          Blocked pulley
Have the belt replaced and seek diagnostic work to find the root cause.

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