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BMW AC Systems in Scottsdale

Your air conditioning system is complex. In the Scottsdale heat, it isn’t a luxury: a working AC is a must. Just like the other areas of your vehicle, the AC system is made to specific tolerances. Not every garage is equipped or capable of working on it. Our European repair specialists are as experienced as your dealership mechanics. Better than that? We charge significantly less without any sacrifice to service quality.

Our certified professionals can correctly diagnose and repair your AC system. We have the latest cutting edge testing equipment specifically designed for these high-performance European vehicles. Our shop handles imported and luxury automobiles from all manufacturers but we specialize in Import models including; Acura, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo . There are a number of components in your AC system that may be affecting its performance. With an average yearly performance loss of 5% it pays to maintain your AC system. That’s where our expertly trained mechanics come in. Primary components that may be contributing to your AC issues include the following.

What parts make up your AC system?

Your compressor pumps refrigerant.

Compressors are driven by a belt. It makes up the heart of your AC system. These can often break down and may need to be replaced. Noises coming from your vents are a solid indicator that your compressor is at fault. To test this, turn your AC to maximum cold, turn it on with the engine running, and put your ear near the vent.

The condenser cools AC system refrigerant.

Your AC condenser cools refrigerant in the AC system. It works to release heat through gas compression. This gas is then condensed into a liquid. The condenser is typically located in front of the radiator. Signs of a condenser problem include reduced cooling and AC system leaks.

A Receiver (Drier) keeps your air conditioner free of moisture.

Your AC drier serves two primary purposes. The first is storage. It temporarily stores refrigerant. The second is filtration. It removes moisture and debris from the AC system. There are three indicators that your receiver drier is not functioning correctly. A bad receiver dryer may leak refrigerant. Because a drier is chambered, if you hear a rattle it could be because of damage or matter trapped inside. A broken drier won’t dry. That causes moisture build-up and can lead to mold or mildew growing in the system. You’ll smell this before you see it.

An Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve regulates refrigerant flow.

The expansion valve controls the flow of refrigerant. It connects to the evaporator and lowers the pressure of the refrigerant coming from the condenser. We frequently replace the e46 expansion tank as these have a higher failure rate than in other models. Expansion valve replacements are most common on the x5 and e60. A few signs your orifice tube might be bad include warm air from the AC system, frost on your evaporator and a compressor that won’t shut off.

AC evaporators allow refrigerant to pull heat from the cabin.

Your evaporator is basically a heat exchanger. It pulls heat from the inside of your car so it can be absorbed by the refrigerant. It is more likely to get corroded by acid than any other part of your AC system. That means repairs are unlikely. A replacement is typically necessary. You may have a faulty evaporator if the compressor will not turn on, your system will not produce cold air or temperatures won’t remain steady.

Take care of your AC system today.

If you’re experiencing issues with any of the above components or you would like to schedule a preventative service appointment with one of our certified mechanics please call Tech Plus Automotive today. We are Scottsdale’s number one independent service center and will always treat your vehicle with the highest quality services.