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BMW Batteries in Scottsdale

Your battery is one of the first things to check when your car won’t start and it’s usually because batteries typically don’t last longer than four years. A bad battery won’t just keep your car from starting—it can actually have a ripple effect, negatively affecting components like your starter. Having your vehicle regularly serviced can keep you from encountering problems. Tech Plus Automotive is Scottsdale’s number one dealership alternative for services and repairs and for good reason: we handle everything in-house and more affordable than the dealerships. We have all of the tools and equipment needed for complete battery services for popular Imports including: Acura, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo.

This will help you better understand how your battery works with the rest of your vehicle.

What is a car battery made of?

A car battery is filled with a water/sulfuric acid solution. Inside the battery contains lead plates. These plates create a chemical reaction with the acidic mixture that releases electrons. This release creates electricity. Attach the starting cables to the positive and negative terminals and viola, you’ve got a complete circuit. Your battery is still supplying electricity even if your car is off. This is why an older battery may drain overnight and fail to start your vehicle. If electrical demands are too great on the battery it will get assistance from the charging system.

What parts make up a charging system?

There are three main components to a charging system. This system is the heart of your BMW electrical system. These parts are:

The alternator. This delivers power to your electrical system. It also supplies electricity to the battery so that the battery can charge during driving. A failing alternator can make starting your vehicle difficult even when your battery is new or fully charged.

Electrical circuits. Circuits carry and regulate power to different areas in your vehicle. Think of a circuit breaker. It’s the control center for where and how much electricity is carried to other areas.

Your voltage regulator.  It sounds obvious, but a voltage regulator regulates voltage. It controls how much current to send to each component. These all work together. If one fails, it can keep your battery from getting electricity where it needs to go.

How does the starter system work?

Your starting system is made up of a series of parts. Much like the charging system, they rely on one another. This goes to work as soon as you turn the key. Turning your car key completes a circuit and passes current into the starter relay. A greater current then travels through the battery, followed by the starter motor. Your starter motor is what turns the engine over. Pistons pull fuel and air into your cylinders. Spark plugs ignite this mixture and your engine is now fully running off of fuel.

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