Protect your vehicle with an annual wheel alignment.

BMW Tire and Wheel Alignment in ScottsdaleThere are two major reasons to have the tires aligned on your vehicle:

1. Misaligned tires cost you more money over time.
2. A tire misalignment negatively affects handling.

Having your vehicle serviced by a certified auto repair shop can save you a lot of money over time. That’s because misaligned tires affect other components on your vehicle. A misalignment can occur in a number of different ways. The most common is a collision because even just a small collision can misalign your tires including tapping or rubbing a curbside.

Having tires that aren’t inflated properly can cause some to wear greater than others and may also misalign your wheels. Changing out a single tire while leaving the rest and even changing all of your tires at one time can misalign your wheels. Being proactive now can save you a lot later because a poor alignment adds up.

When should I get a tire alignment?

  • If your car is drifting to one side on a flat road, you may have an alignment issue.
  • You are driving straight ahead but your steering wheel is off center to the left or right.
  • Your wheel vibrates, even when driving at slow speeds.
  • Tires are unevenly worn. Check the inside and outside of the tire tread.
  • Your steering isn’t tight. You feel a loss of responsiveness.

How much does an alignment cost?

The better question is, how much does a misalignment cost? The answer might surprise you. Misaligned wheels affect important areas of your vehicle. These can really add up.

  • Gas mileage is lowered and tire life decreases.
  • Your steering and linkage components wear out sooner.
  • Handling is compromised. This can lead to accidents.
  • Tires are more likely to blowout. Stopping power is reduced.

How does a wheel alignment work?

At Tech Plus Automotive we use state of the art technology to diagnose your wheel alignment. Using a laser-based system provides us with the highest degree of accuracy. Our technicians will then measure your current alignment and correct it to manufacturer specifications. We will also inspect all tires for wear and damage as well as other areas that may have been damaged. Identifying and repairing problem areas now saves you from a misaligned vehicle in the near future.

Once your wheels are properly aligned by our mechanics you can enjoy:

  • Longer lasting tires that wear evenly.
  • Responsive steering without delay
  • Gas mileage improvements
  • A smooth ride
  • Safer handling and improved stopping power

Tech Plus Automotive is proud to service popular Import manufacturers including:

Visit us today or call and schedule an appointment to have your vehicle’s alignment tested by our ASE-certified mechanics.