Do you need your BMW drive axle replaced?

BMW CV & Drive Axles in Scottsdale

The axle on your vehicle is supported by the body and connects both wheels together. You have a front and rear axle. These are connected by a drive shaft. Axle problems can put your BMW out of commission entirely. That’s because your axle supports the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo. It carries a greater load under acceleration. G-forces push the vehicle towards the ground and increase the total amount of supported weight.

What are the symptoms of a bad BMW axle?

Short of a broken axle and the inability to accelerate, there are 3 major signs that point to trouble. Watch for the following:

  • If you hear a clicking noise during standard operation, it could be your axle. This may be louder during cornering. It isn’t always loud. Keep your sound system down and you’ll have an easier time listening to it.
  • Vibration in your wheel can indicate axle issues. This could also point to your CV joint. These joints are found on the ends of your axle and are used on many common BMW drivetrains systems. ┬áBring your vehicle in for a diagnosis and repairs if you suspect either.
  • Your axle should not move more than a half inch. Raise your vehicle and try moving the axle. If there is movement, your axle is worn. Our technicians can quickly replace your BMW axle and get it back on the road.

What is the most common BMW Axle design in Scottsdale?

A drive axle is powered by your engine. These are common in FWD beamers. Drive axles are made up of two halves. Because of this, one side may need replacement where the other does not. These connect to universal and CV joints. Regular inspections catch problems early. We offer affordable BMW servicing that keeps you on the road. You don’t want to wait to replace your CV joints or axle. A critical failure of either will take your BMW off the road.

Our technicians put you back on the road.

We specialize in BMW repairs. When you don’t want to slow down for anyone, stop by our auto repair shop. We diagnose and repair axle problems. You’ll get leading service for far less than a dealership. Treating your BMW right doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Call us or stop in today.