Save money with a BMW engine rebuild.

BMW Engine Rebuild in ScottsdaleNew engines are expensive. The higher-end the vehicle, the more the engine. You’ve got the option of a reconditioned engine from the factory, but even these can be expensive. If you have a newer BMW and are suffering from engine problems, sometimes a rebuild is your best option. A gently used engine isn’t bad. There could be a single component keeping it from functioning correctly. A rebuild allows you to get a like new engine at a fraction of the cost of a new engine.

The engine rebuilding process

  1. The engine is entirely disassembled.  Our technicians will measure the block bore size. If it is rebuildable we remove the galley plugs and thoroughly clean the entire engine. Heating the motor turns any leftover oil and grease into powder. A blaster safely and cleanly removes it. Once completed, the engine will look as clean as one directly from the factory.
  2. We check the engine for cracks. If none are found we proceed to overbore the motor. Accuracy is critical. That’s why checks are constantly performed with a profilometer. This lets us know how rough the surface finish of the engine is.
  3. Each iron head is checked for cracks. We pressure test aluminum heads and replace valve guides. Next, every valve seat is replaced. Then all of the heads are resurfaced. Our technicians check alignment and topside straightness. We straighten and re-bore as required.  Valve seating is vacuum tested and the BMW engine head is completed.
  4. Camshafts are inspected for scrapes and bad lobes. Crankshafts are measured for smoothness and straightness before grinding. Both shafts are thoroughly cleaned.

Once everything is clean, we begin reassembly and replacement. Just some of the new parts your engine will receive include: freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, main bearings, piston rings, rod bearings, and cam bearings. This repairs your BMW engine to a like-new state.

Call us before you consider an engine replacement.

There’s no reason to replace your engine when you don’t have to. A rebuild may be cheaper. Just call us or stop on by, and we can quickly determine which option provides you with the best value. Great BMW engine care starts right here, so call or contact us today.