Schedule maintenance service for your BMW.

Scheduled BMW Maintenance in ScottsdaleYou want the most from your vehicle. A minute of maintenance is worth an hour of repairs. That’s why BMW recommends you follow their servicing guidelines. We do too. You don’t have to bring your car to a dealership though. You can have certified BMW servicing that won’t impact your warranty at a fraction of the cost. All it takes a phone call, so what are you waiting for?

Maintenance varies by your BMW’s mileage.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is designed to prevent problems before they occur. BMW makes specific recommendations. We make it easy. Just bring your car in and let us know it’s a BMW recommended service check. Typical services include the following:

  • Every 10,000 miles: Have your oil and filter changes. Check fluids, belts, tire pressure, and brakes. Inspect the steering linkage and suspension components.
  • First 30,000 miles: This will include inspecting additional areas beneath your BMW. The primary focus is on wear, especially in relation to your braking system. We will check fluids and connections, as well as belts, heating components, and AC components.
  • Every 60,000 miles after: Everything in the previous two inspections and additional components will be inspected. It’s at this point we will replace the air filter and spark plugs. CV boots will also be inspected.

Customize your maintenance service.

Our technicians take notes. If we identify any areas of concern, they will be reviewed again at the next inspection. This way we can stay on top of potential problem areas. Our inspections don’t end with the items above either. These are just some of the areas we inspect at your BMW’s major mile markers. Because routine inspections prevent more expensive problems, we always advise them.

For higher mileage drivers this schedule may even be pushed forward. Preventative action now saves money later. We do it right. Don’t wait—call, contact us, or bring your BMW in today.