Land Rover Old Serpentine Belt

The Significance of the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover

by techplusaadmin April 2, 2021

The serpentine belt in an engine, which is also known as the drive belt or an accessories belt, is responsible for powering individual systems that are outside the engine of the car. This could include components like the alternator, air conditioner, and compressor. There are some cars that will use more than one serpentine belt to help with this, so that if one breaks, not everything will fail.

The serpentine belt is considered an essential part of your engine, which is why you need to ensure regular inspections and maintenance on the belts are performed. This will ensure that any wear and tear that could potentially ruin the belt will be found quickly, and the belt can be replaced before the car stops working.

Electrical Significance of the Serpentine Belt

Your serpentine belt plays a big role in the electrical charging system in the car. It will attach to the pulleys located on the alternator in the car to provide more power to the unit. This, in turn, will deliver electricity to the battery so that it will build up and hold onto that electrical charge.

While doing this work, the serpentine belt will replace an individual V belt that will serve just the alternator or other components exclusively. The reason for this is because having one belt, in this case the serpentine belt, is easier to replace and has fewer parts that could fail, making it more efficient. You should visit one of our qualified mechanics to check the belt often to ensure failure does not happen.

Mechanical Significance of the Serpentine Belt

Your serpentine belt also powers a few of the mechanical components on the car as well. For example, the power steering system will depend on power delivered to it through the serpentine belt.

The cooling system of the car also has a few parts that are powered by this belt, including the air conditioner compressor, radiator fan, and the water pump. This means that if the serpentine belt stops working, it is possible that these components will not work well either.

Why is the serpentine belt so important?

The serpentine belt is so important because it is able to provide a lot of the basic functions to your Land Rover. A car is not going to run without the serpentine belt. If the serpentine belt stops doing its job, it is impossible to get your Land Rover to start at all.

You will need to tow your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop to get the belt fixed so your car will run again. As soon as the serpentine belt breaks, your car will lose its ability to engage the automatic steering, charge the battery, cool the engine, or even run the air conditioner.

Getting the Serpentine Belt Fixed

This belt is only able to do the work described above if it is held under the correct tension. When the tension becomes slack or the belt breaks, it will no longer help all those components work properly. Having one of our professional mechanics take a look at your Land Rover and check this belt will help you catch potential problems with it before it leaves you stranded on the road.

When the serpentine belt stops working, you will notice right away. You may not be able to drive your car at all, depending on how many components attach to the serpentine belt. As soon as you suspect the belt is broken, bring it to a qualified mechanic to inspect it for you.

Tech Plus Automotive for Your Land Rover

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