Land Rover Parking Brake

Tips to Deal with a Parking Brake Failure in Your Land Rover

by techplusaadmin June 23, 2021

Land Rovers may develop problems with their parking brake. This component is key in holding your vehicle motionless on an incline. Any problems within your braking system should be immediately assessed by a professional. Below we will go over what to look out for in the event you experience parking brake failure.

What is parking brake failure?

The parking brake, also known as an emergency brake, is designed to hold an already stationary vehicle in place. It is activated either by pressing down on a pedal or pulling up on a lever to engage the brake system.

Parking brakes were originally manufactured with the idea to stop a moving vehicle should the hydraulic brakes experience some sort of failure.

Parking brake failure means the brake does not work properly to keep your Land Rover from rolling. It is made to add additional friction to the already existing friction from the hydraulic brakes.

If your Land Rover experiences parking brake failure it may roll downhill causing damage to buildings, other vehicles, or even bodily harm to pedestrians.

Warning signs of parking brake failure

Your Land Rover has a computer system within it designed to alert you to an arising part malfunction. Listed below are a few common signs to be on the lookout for.

  • Warning light illuminated: Land Rovers are designed with an internal system to illuminate warning lights when there is a problem. If your parking brake has failed, a red brake warning light will become illuminated or flash to alert you.
  • Your car is not fully held in place: When your parking brake is engaged, the brake cable is engaged to add additional friction to hold your vehicle steady in place. When this part fails, you may notice when you attempt to engage the emergency brake that your vehicle may still roll if you are on an incline.
  • Your brake will not release: When you engage the parking brake, by either pulling up on the lever or pressing down on the pedal in your Land Rover, the brake cable engages to hold your vehicle. If this malfunctions, when you get ready to move your vehicle, you may find the brake will not release. The cable can become locked into place, not allowing you to disengage the parking brake.

All of the above-mentioned signs pose an extreme danger to you, your vehicle, and all others around you. It is imperative that you seek a professional opinion if you notice any changes within your parking brake system.

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