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Volvo Service

Volvo delivers legendary reliability, but without regular servicing even their Swedish designed precision can suffer. Losses in performance and damage that can leave you stranded are just two potential consequences. Getting local Volvo auto repair service from a highly trained garage doesn’t just keep your vehicle running, it saves you money in the long run. Why spend more repairing your vehicle later, when you can spend less and keep it running now? Tech Plus Automotive provides complete vehicle servicing, so choose the shop that keeps you moving.

Get certified Volvo servicing today.

Your Volvo is more than just the pinnacle of Swedish engineering—it’s there for you. When you get into the driver’s seat you know you’ll arrive at your destination in safety, comfort and style. Relying on an unskilled garage puts all of that in jeopardy. Poor servicing can lead to major problems and dangerous driving situations. Our mechanics are ASE certified and we’re proud to carry the ASE Blue Seal. When you bring your Volvo into our shop, you know that all of your services will be overseen by a knowledgeable lead mechanic. Get qualified Volvo servicing from a local garage with the certifications you can depend on.

Your Local Volvo Servicer

Whether you’re following manufacturer servicing guidelines, or know specifically what you want accomplished, we deliver. Just some of the Volvo services we provide include:

  • Transmission fluid check and adjustment
  • Driveshaft joint inspection
  • Vehicle alignment
  • Brake line and hose inspections
  • Wheel and tire check
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Engine coolant inspection and replacement

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Don’t wait until your vehicle needs repairs. Proactive vehicle servicing saves you money now and later. We’ll keep your vehicle in peak condition, so you can can trust your Volvo to get you anywhere. Call or contact us in Scottsdale to schedule your service appointment today.