Porsche Coolant Leak

Where to Fix Your Porsche’s Water Pump Leak in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin December 17, 2019

Your Porsche’s water pump is central to the standard functionality of its engine. It’s positioned directly underneath the timing belt and is equipped with blades that play a vital role in moving coolant throughout the engine, prevent overheating. Failure or malfunctioning of this component could lead to excessive heat in your engine and significant damages stemming from that, up to including complete engine failure. Because of this, it is important that upon observation of any of the symptoms listed here you contact an expert mechanic at Tech Plus Automotive as soon as possible.

Signs of a Water Pump Leak in Your Porsche

There are many ways a leaking water pump can affect your vehicle’s performance and even negatively impact the level of safety your Porsche offers during operation. Keep regular accounts of your Porsche’s performance to sharpen your ability to notice any abnormalities in its functioning as early as possible. Below are some signs to look out for to spot a leak in your Porsche’s water pump.

Coolant Leak

The leaking of coolant in or from your engine is a sign of a failure of the water pump bearing or seal. Take note of the location from which the coolant is leaking. It can be expected to come from the “weep hole,” located between seals that separate oil from coolant. A small amount of coolant leaking from here is considered normal in some cases, but you are still encouraged to get it checked, as the leaking can progress and become more of an issue over time due to wearing of the seal. Leaking can also be caused by a crack in the water pump due to the coolant being added to an overheated engine. Even new water pumps are not impervious to this. The thermal shock that results from the extreme temperatures results in a crack to the hardware. If you have not noticed a coolant leak by a puddle underneath your vehicle, another point of observation would be the expulsion of white smoke from your Porsche’s exhaust.


Part of the responsibility of the water pump is to contribute to the maintenance of the pressurized system within the engine. Proper distribution of coolant and airflow is essential to the safe performance of your engine. When one part of this system is compromised, an inadequately pressurized system will allow too much airflow and result in rust building on the water pump seal and possibly other components. If you see rust buildup, or even rusty colored water on the ground under your car, it may be the result of a leaky water pump.

Blue Tint on the Water Pump Shaft

When the water pump is subject to excessive heat buildup in the engine due to the inadequate flow of coolant through the system, it can take on a blue tint or discoloration. This can lead to warping of the hardware and an eventual break in the shaft. Even before a part fully breaks, warping can lead to leaking. The heat can be caused by both symptoms listed above, either due to excessive heat due to a lack of coolant or an incorrectly pressurized system. When due to an imbalance of pressure, the centrifugal forces that build within the engine can overload the bearing and create high heat. This can also directly cause a break in the water pump shaft on its own.

Your Solution to a Water Pump Leak

When you’ve noticed a problem with your Porsche’s water pump or leaking of any other fluids, you can count on Scottsdale’s #1 rated independent European auto repair center. At Porsche Water Pump Issue Check Tech Plus Automotive, our mechanics specialize in European luxury vehicles including Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, and more.

From routine maintenance services to high-tech diagnostics, our shop is prepared to serve your luxury import vehicle and has been rated number one in these services in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area since 2003. You can trust that your vehicle will leave our hands performing better than ever, all at a fair price that beats what you will find at any dealership.

Our offices are located convenient to Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ. Stop by or call us today to discuss your maintenance and servicing options and schedule an appointment.

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