Jaguar Engine Oil Leak

Where to Go in Scottsdale to Fix Various Engine Oil Leaks in Your Jaguar

by techplusaadmin August 11, 2022

Jaguar is one of the highest-quality vehicles on the market. If you have driven a Jaguar before, you can attest to its style, grace, and comfort. There are several models of Jaguar manufactured by the luxury brand which are known for their powerful and amazing spec. They include E-PACE, XE, F-PACE, F-Type, XF, XJ, among many others. These vehicles are designed with amazing features, and they have powerful engines with stamina.

Jaguar develops mechanical faults, and one of the most common problems you might be experiencing is the oil leakage from the car engine. This is a common problem for all brands of cars when they age or are damaged. This problem can be frustrating, especially when you notice your Jaguar is leaking oil and you don’t know where the oil is coming from.

Common Causes of an Oil Leak in a Jaguar

The source of the leak should be detected first before the problem can be fixed by professionals. While we are happy to diagnose the source of the leak for you, some drivers want knowledge about the common causes of oil leaks in their Jaguar engine. Listed below are the most common causes:

Damaged Oil Pan

If your Jaguar’s oil pan is destroyed, it can cause a lot of problems. The oil pan is located beneath the vehicle, and when hit by an obstacle in the road or where you parked your car, it can become damaged. When the oil pan is damaged, oil will leak from beneath your Jaguar.

When next you notice a leak, check your oil pan under your Jaguar and if the oil is dripping from there, contact our Jaguar experts at Tech Plus Automotive to repair the damaged oil pan to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Worn-Out Oil Seals

The main function of the oil seals is to keep the oil flowing continuously and freely across the various engine parts without any leak. Since the seals are made of durable materials, when the oil seals are continually overused without replacement, it can cause a leak. Likewise, when the oil seal is damaged, it can also lead to a leak. If not detected and fixed on time, it might affect other parts of your Jaguar’s engine. When your car has a leak, you can check the oil seal, and if detected, contact Tech Plus Automotive to replace your oil seal for you at an affordable rate.

Overflowing Oil

When you are doing your routine car check and you notice the engine oil level is low and you want to top it up, be careful in filling it up so as not to cause the oil to overspill. Also, when the cap is not properly closed or if it is loose, the engine oil can leak out of your engine parts. This can cause smoke as it drips onto hot engine parts. If not fixed properly, oil can damage other parts of the engine.

When you don’t know how to change engine oil from your car, it is advisable to take your Jaguar to our professional mechanics. Contact Tech Plus Automotive, as we are eager to help you do routine oil changes for your Jaguar to avoid oil overflowing, thereby, saving your Jaguar from damage to other engine parts and excessive expenses in repairing your car unnecessarily.

Jaguar Experts to Fix Various Engine Oil Leaks in Scottsdale

Occasionally, check beneath your car in your car parking spot to check for any oil leak. If you Jaguar Engine Oil Leak Repair are noticing an engine oil leak, it is important to bring it to our Jaguar expert’s for proper inspections and diagnosis to prevent serious damage to other parts. A delay in getting it fixed can cause worse problems and can even damage your engine.

Bring your Jaguar to Tech Plus Automotive in Scottsdale. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of:

Tech Plus Automotive are professional Jaguar experts who will help you service your vehicle properly, fix it, and replace any damaged parts. Schedule an appointment with Tech Plus Automotive in Scottsdale to get your engine oil leak fixed today. We look forward to earning your business.

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