2001 Porsche Boxter S ? What is bedding-in?

by Admin October 7, 2010

Bedding-in is the procedure in which new brake pads and rotors are mated together to achieve maximum stopping efficiency.

Most drivers are unaware that panic stops initiated before the bedding-in period expires,?greatly affect the friction and wear coefficient. Porsche recommends a 200km bedding-in period for new brakes on their Brembo performance package.




Of course in case of an emergency, there is?an exception if you have no other choice than to slam on your brakes. Make?certain that your service technician(s) follow the brake?rotor manufacturer instructions on how to?identify and handle specific coatings and anti-corrosion treatments that are often put on the rotor at time of manufacture. If you have any questions about your high-performance brakes, feel free to contact us at Tech Plus Automotive in Scottsdale, Az.

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