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Denise C.

“Just moved to area and was worried about finding a great shop to take care of my Porsche Boxster. Tech Plus did the job! Incredibly responsive, very friendly service, great communication keeping me informed and explaining what I need now and may need later. And very reasonable pricing! Thank you Tech Plus!”

Eric M.

“2 consecutive great experiences. To finally have a mechanic and shop you can go to and feel comfortable is incredible. Always available to answer a question or take a look at an issue. I highly recommend you bring your import of any kind.”

Michael S.

“Remarkably experienced technicians that result in quality repairs no matter how complex (or simple). Their knowledge of the details and intricacies of the unique parts and architectures of non-standard cars (in my case an Audi RS5) is amazing. This is the only place I’ll take my cars.”

Josh P.

“What would have been a $5-6k job at the stealer ship was a more reasonable $4k job by Tech Plus! They also turned my car around within a day when the dealer needed 2 days. Great customer service on top of all that! Can’t beat it and knowing I have a Jaguar, I’ll be a long time customer.”

Bill E.

“I took my Audi Q7 in for a major service and complete check before a long May drive. They were very thorough and provided detailed information and recommendations for me to review prior to commencing any work. They work was delayed due to avaialable of some parts locally so I was provided a loaner vehicle. Excellent and Trustworthy service.”

Joel S.

“Had two engine mounts replaced on my Audi. All and all pretty seamless, nice people, convenient location and most importantly, just over half the expense of the dealership! Would definitely return for service.”

Corey N.

“Auto repair is like dental work for me. Painful. The crew at Tech Plus has always gone out of their way to minimize that. Honesty, transparency, and integrity is what they provide me every time. Never a second thought about where I am going to have work done on any of my vehicles.”

J. T.

“I am always pleasantly surprised at the masterful way the techs do their job at Tech + Auto in Scottsdale. Ann Marie is the best in the office too! Thank you!”

Pramendra C.

“Great Experience. I had my Mercedes Benz car rear pad replaced last year and it went bad in a year. When I reached out to the Tech+ team, they immediately performed full service without any questions asked or cost. They take ownership of the work they perform and are very high quality. I would recommend Tech+ at any time.”

Shannon W.

“Always an awesome experience with Tech Plus! They always get my vehicle in right away and get the repairs made usually next day! And their app is great too. Even when I’m busy I can review repair cost, approve and pay. Awesome experience overall! Super easy & convenient!”

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