February 3, 2015

Easy Miles

  Have you ever noticed that your automobile manufacturer has a schedule in your owner’s manual for what is called “severe service” maintenance? Let’s define what severe driving conditions aren’t: […]
January 29, 2015

Why People In Scottsdale Hesitate to Get their Vehicle Serviced

A recent report stated that over 80 percent of the vehicles on our Scottsdale Arizona roads have one or more service or repair that’s needed, but hasn’t been taken care […]
January 20, 2015

Fuel Saving Tip: Tire Pressure Saves Fuel In Scottsdale

Under-inflated tires waste gas for lots of folks in the Scottsdale area. Think how hard it is to walk in sand – you just have to work harder because of […]
January 16, 2015

What Scottsdale Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

There are some things Scottsdale auto owners should know about Scottsdale car service and repair. First and foremost, Tech Plus Automotive cares about you and your family’s safety. And we […]
January 9, 2015

Battery Replacement At Tech Plus Automotive In Scottsdale

Hello, welcome to Tech Plus Automotive. Today’s focus is batteries. It seems like everything in Scottsdale runs on batteries. Of course, the batteries we’re most concerned with here at Tech […]
December 30, 2014

Ethics of Automotive Repair in Scottsdale

We’re going to be talking about the ethics of automotive repair. It seems like news outlets really like hit-and-run reporting; they hit everyone from groceries stores to retail to physicians. […]
December 27, 2014

Power Steering Service At Tech Plus Automotive In Scottsdale

Many Scottsdale drivers have been hearing about technological advances in power steering, specifically, electric power steering. Some very high-end cars have been featuring electric power steering for a few years […]
December 18, 2014

Give Your Engine Clean Fuel With A New Fuel Filter From Tech Plus Automotive

Your truck requires plenty of clean fuel to run. If your fuel contains contaminants, your fuel injectors will eventually become clogged up. When this happens, your truck engine may not […]
December 9, 2014

Budget For Maintenance in Scottsdale

Your browser does not support video Sometimes busy Scottsdale residents dream about going back to the “simpler” days of our grandparents. But if you could travel back in time and […]
December 2, 2014

The Easy Way To Save Cash In Scottsdale

The hottest Arizona news story may be different everyday, but there’s one topic that seems to come up over and over again – the price of gas in Scottsdale. If […]
November 26, 2014

Looking Down the Road – Headlamps

If you’ve ever been driving around Scottsdale and had a headlamp go out, you’ve probably just wanted to replace the bad bulb. If your car uses halogen headlamps, they dim […]
November 20, 2014

Keys to a Long Lasting Vehicle

Scottsdale auto owners live in a disposable society. Everything from elaborate packaging to our clothing. Even cell phones are disposable. When replacement is cheaper than repair, the term “built to […]
November 15, 2014

Viva la Differential At Tech Plus Automotive In Scottsdale

Your browser does not support video Your browser does not support video There are a lot of Scottsdale people who are due for a differential service, but had never heard […]
November 6, 2014

Emergency Items For Phoenix car owners

Your browser does not support video Safe Arizona travel starts with preventive maintenance and good car care at Tech Plus Automotive. But there are other things Scottsdale motorists can do […]
October 31, 2014

Which Item is Most Stolen from Vehicles in Scottsdale?

Which item is most often stolen from vehicles in Scottsdale? Is it: Stereo Wheels Air Bag DVD System Well, if you said stereo – you used to be right. But […]