BMW Air Conditioning

Driving a high performance vehicle can generate some heat. The higher torque and horsepower provided by a BMW makes reliable air conditioning even more important on a hot Scottsdale day. Unfortunately, this performance can also put a greater strain on your vehicle’s AC. With our professional servicing of your BMW air conditioning in Scottsdale from Tech Plus Automotive, you’ll be ready for a cool driving experience in no time. We’re your local BMW auto repair shop in Scottsdale.

Did you know that your air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its efficiency every year without maintenance?
Our technicians can repair and maintain your BMW AC system and keep you cool.

Get the air conditioning services your BMW needs.

If you’ve suffered from a complete failure of your system or a loss in cooling capabilities, we will fix it. Your AC system is complex. There are a lot of parts that work together and a breakdown in one area can affect your whole system, especially if your refrigerant breaks down entirely. That’s why regular AC charging before summer is always a good idea.

Just some of the AC problems we fix include:

  • AC systems with weak airflow.
  • AC that isn’t as cold as usual.
  • Air conditioning that starts cold and warms up.
  • Bad smells coming from the AC vent.
  • A complete lack of cold air.
  • Mechanical or electrical part failures.

Your BMW Service Shop

BMW Air Conditioning Scottsdale
We specialize in high-end vehicles like BMW. These require special attention. In order to get the best performance the manufacturers build their vehicles to meet strict tolerance levels. Failing to use the right parts and products can lead to premature failure that affects the rest of the vehicle. You don’t want to risk the cascade of problems that can be caused by servicing your BMW at a general mechanic.

During our inspection of your AC components we’ll also look at additional areas. This provides you with the opportunity to make sure other regularly serviced parts like your brakes are delivering the greatest stopping power. We will perform a general inspection to catch any problems before they require extensive repairs as well.

Contact us today to schedule your AC inspection.

It all starts with an inspection from one of our certified mechanics. We’ll identify the issue, consult you before moving forward, and restore performance to your BMW air conditioning system. Don’t let the Scottsdale weather ruin your ride. Call or contact us today to stay cool.

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