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BMW Oil Leak Repair Cost

Average BMW Oil Leak Repair Cost

The average cost to repair a BMW oil leak is $400 in the U.S. The total cost will depend on the model and engine of the BMW, as some models will require a valve cover gasket. The valve cover gasket costs anywhere from $720-$1,800 when including parts and labor costs.

Average BMW Oil Leak Repair Cost

While there is no set cost for this specific repair, most BMW drivers should expect to pay an average of $400 for this service. If a valve gasket cover is needed, it means your total cost will increase, of course. For example, one BMW model that requires a valve gasket cover is a 2008 750i model. The overall cost for the oil leak repair will then range from $1,600-$1,800.

How To Know If A BMW Is Leaking Oil

A leaking valve cover is one of the most common leaks in BMWs. When the car is leaking oil, it is possible to notice a burning smell while driving or idling.

In the majority of cases, smoke can be seen coming from under the hood. This is due to the oil leaking onto the hot exhaust manifolds. Smoke will then appear as it burns the oil externally. Another obvious sign is oil spots found in the garage and/or driveway.

What Causes An Oil Leak?

Even though no rubber gasket will last forever, BMW gaskets will ultimately last a shorter time when compared to most other vehicle brands. The causes of the leaks do remain somewhat speculative, though. Either way, it’s crucial to avoid postponing the leak repair until they become a problem.

How To Prevent A BMW Oil Leak

Engine oil leaks are an unfortunate reality for BMW drivers. There are no preventative measures to take in order to avoid these leaks. However, acting as soon as a leak is noticed will save you money on further repair services.

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