Lexus Car

How To Choose A Garage For Your Lexus In Scottsdale?

by techplusaadmin January 11, 2023

Lexus is a luxurious car brand with exceptional qualities such as durability, reliability, and stability, just like its parent company, Toyota. Regarding comfort and style, Lexus,...

Lexus Wiring Harness

Signs Associated With Lexus Wiring Harness Failure

by techplusaadmin October 1, 2022

There are several reasons Lexus vehicles are so popular. First, they offer quality and luxury at an affordable price. Secondly, Lexus vehicles are very reliable and have a reputation...

Lexus RX 350 Car

Causes and Symptoms of a Ticking Noise in Your Lexus Engine

by techplusaadmin May 23, 2022

Have you been hearing a ticking sound from the engine of your Lexus? There are many reasons why you could hear loud ticking noises, and although they could be inconsequential, they...

Lexus RX350

Common Repair Needs of Your Lexus RX350

by techplusaadmin August 26, 2021

When you buy a Lexus, repairs are the last thing you want to think about. We all know that Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota, and that brand is known for their dependable cars. They...

Lexus Bad Brake

Professional Solutions for Bad Braking Problems in Your Lexus in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin February 11, 2021

Brake problems can have severe complications on your Lexus if not repaired properly. The wear and tear on brakes, causing a bad brake system, can stem from reasons like rusting and...

Lexus Car

Lexus Wheel Vibration Solutions in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin August 17, 2020

Lexus are comfortable, dependable, and are equipped with high-end features, yet they are still affordable. A common problem you may come across with your Lexus is wheel vibrations....

Lexus Stiff Brake Pedal

Reasons for Knocking Sounds from Your Lexus’ Brake Actuator from the Experts in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin March 28, 2020

The brake actuator is an important part of the braking system in your Lexus. If it fails, the consequences can be catastrophic. In past years, failing brake actuators have been one...

Lexus Ignition Switch Failure

How to Detect Lexus’s Ignition Switch Failure in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin September 6, 2019

The ignition switch in your automobile is a truly complex device that is responsible for powering multiple electrical components and systems. In the past, ignition switches required...

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