Mercedes Damaged Thermostat

Come to the Experts in Scottsdale to Replace Your Mercedes’ Failed Thermostat

by techplusaadmin March 1, 2023

The thermostat is an essential component in the engine cooling system of your Mercedes. It controls the flow of coolant through the engine by regulating the temperature of the engine...

Mercedes Automatic Transmission Erratic Shifting

How to Deal with Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission in Your Mercedes

by techplusaadmin December 5, 2021

The transmission system of any car is what provides the necessary energy for it to move. It is also no surprise the luxurious Mercedes-Benz brand boasts one of the best transmissions...

Mercedes Check Engine Light Illumination

Reasons Behind Illumination of Check Engine Light in Your Mercedes from Experts in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin September 11, 2021

Anyone who has owned a car knows that stomach-dropping feeling when the check engine light comes to life on the dashboard. Immediately your mind starts to go to the worst-case scenario....

Mercedes Gear Shifting Issue

How to Avoid Chassis Flex Disc Failure in a Mercedes from the Versed Professionals in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin February 28, 2021

A flex disc is a coupling device that is made out of a hard rubber. The input and output shaft flange are connected to this disc on both sides. After that, the drive shaft, differential,...

Mercedes AC Issues

Fix a Hot AC Vent in a Mercedes at the Best Auto Center in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin January 25, 2021

If your car’s air conditioning is broken, an otherwise pleasant and enjoyable ride can turn into a miserable experience. This problem is especially troublesome when you consider...

Mercedes Water Pump

How to Fix a Mercedes Water Pump Leak at the Best Auto Center in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin September 18, 2020

Taking proper care of your vehicle should always be your number one priority, especially with a dynamic Mercedes. It’s important to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible so...

Mercedes Control Arm Bushing

How to Detect a Damaged Control Arm Bushing in a Mercedes

by techplusaadmin March 11, 2020

Your Mercedes is made up of thousands of parts. We all know that looking after your engine, brakes, tires, and suspension is important. However, we can often forget the importance...

Mercedes MAF Sensor

Main Reasons for MAF Sensor Failure in a Mercedes

by techplusaadmin October 27, 2019

Mercedes is known for its jaw-dropping stylish designs and sophisticated vehicles. However, with time and use, or with poor maintenance practices, parts failure and faults can...

Mercedes Differential

Reasons Behind Differential Failure in Your Mercedes

by techplusaadmin July 3, 2019

Mercedes are high-end vehicles that are reliable and well-built. They do come with issues, just like any car. A common issue Mercedes models have is with failure of the differential....

Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Failure

What Will Happen if the Oil Pressure Switch Fails in Your Mercedes?

by techplusaadmin February 15, 2018

Mercedes cars are revered for their long-lasting durability and reliability, but they are not immune to the same difficulties that every other driver experiences from time-to-time....

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