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Causes and Symptoms of a Ticking Noise in Your Lexus Engine

by techplusaadmin May 23, 2022

Have you been hearing a ticking sound from the engine of your Lexus? There are many reasons why you could hear loud ticking noises, and although they could be inconsequential, they could also be an indication of a major underlying problem. If you do not address them soon, it could result in engine failure and cost far more to fix the damages than the initial repair.

You know the sound of the engine in your Lexus. Over time, you’ve gotten used to the normal purr from the engine bay. However, new or unusual sounds are a sign that there is an issue in a component or system that is affecting your engine.

Common Causes of a Ticking Noise

We’ll explain what’s causing the ticking noise in your engine.

  • Bad piston rings and valve seals: Whenever you hear a ticking noise in your Lexus, it could be that something is wrong with the pushrods, valves, and pistons. If one of these components wears out, gets damaged, or goes bad, you might start to hear this ticking sound. If these components are not replaced early, the ticking noises may proceed to a clunking and whining noise.
  • Low level of oil: If the level of oil in your engine is low, then you may hear ticking noises in the components because they are not well lubricated. A low level of oil could be caused by different reasons such as a leak somewhere in the engine. Your seals or gaskets may be worn out or broken. In any case, you’ll know if you’re running low on engine oil when your oil light illuminates on your dashboard or your engine starts to overheat. If you hear ticking noises and your engine starts overheating, it could be due to a low oil level in your Lexus.
  • Rod Knocking: If the bearings on the rod get damaged, the rod will make a ticking noise. This occurs when a worn-out bearing causes the rod to shift. The only true way to resolve the rod knocking problem is to bring it to us for a complete inspection of the engine. This must be addressed quickly to avoid more damage which may require an engine rebuild.
  • Fuel Injectors Firing: This is the most likely cause of a ticking noise in your Lexus. A ticking noise is usually heard when the fuel injectors fire in cars equipped with fuel injection systems. These sounds are from the injector valves that are rapidly opening and closing in order to enable the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. It is best to let your mechanic determine if your fuel injector is a cause for concern or not.
  • Valves are Not Adjusted Correctly: Ticking noises can be produced by a maladjusted valve train. This is frequently the source of these sounds, so allow a trusted mechanic to inspect this right away. The valves open and close when your engine rotates. The valves are opened and closed by a device known as a rocker arm. When these valves are not functioning as designed, you might hear a ticking noise.

Tech Plus Automotive Will Get Your Lexus Safely Back on the Road

If you’re having problems with ticking noises in your Lexus, you’ll need our reliable mechanics to inspect Lexus Engine Oil Level Check and detect the cause of this ticking sound. Tech Plus Automotive’s professional mechanics have the knowledge and experience to allow your Lexus to function like new, free of those irritating sounds!

Our shop has invested in the latest vehicle diagnostic tools, equipment, and technology to ensure the most accurate services possible. Our facility features everything including:

  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • OEM diagnostic tools
  • Hunter Roadforce Balancer

We offer every major service of a dealership at a fraction of the cost:

  • Vehicle computer updates
  • Emissions checks
  • Error code diagnosis
  • Performance tuning and issues

We are pleased to serve clients in the cities of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer that enters our shop leaves confident that their vehicle is in the finest possible hands.

Our ASE-certified technicians and pleasant staff are among the best in the industry. If your car requires an inspection or servicing, be sure to stop by Tech Plus Automotive! Please contact us or book an appointment with us now!

* Lexus RX 350 Car image credit goes to: trangiap.

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