Sit In The Lap of Luxury With Our Porsche Cayman Review

by Admin January 14, 2016

The Porsche Cayman, named for the reptile and not the islands, is a true sports car through and through. Since its debut in 2006, the powerful and sleek vehicle has been a staple for Porsche production and consumer demand. At the most basic of levels, it is a 2-seater coupe, but the constant innovation and style of this car elevates it above the competition. This rear-engine vehicle is popular for its superb handling, powerful engine, classy interior and sleek body. The Cayman is a sports car that consistently remains true to Porsche heritage.


The Cayman now comes in 5 stunning models: Cayman ($52,600), Cayman Black Edition ($59,200), Cayman S ($64,100), Porsche Cayman GTS ($75,200) and Cayman GT4 ($84,000). Each one is more enticing than the last with the available horsepower ranging from 275hp to 340hp. At any level, this vehicle has the power to please. Even with the base model Cayman, the driver is presented with a thrilling and powerful driving experience thanks to the 275hp and 165mph top speed. Equipped with a direct fuel ejected engine, competition-grade brakes and incredibly responsive handling, this true sports car is as fun to drive as it is to look at. Many more options are available that only elevate this vehicle in power, efficiency and fun. The road hugging capabilities of this Porsche model provide the driver with a thrilling yet safe drive. With the newly updated model, a longer wheel base and lower body add even more to the driving experience. Below the hood is a true Porsche engine, packed in a surprisingly affordable package for sports car lovers and Porsche enthusiasts alike.  


Inside this well-built machine is just as lovely. From top to bottom, the interior of the Cayman has been redesigned to please the eye. With a multitude of colors and personalizing options available, the buyer is in control of nearly every aspect. Porsche does a phenomenal job of combining the look and feel of a sports car with the more spacious style of a full-size. Sport seats envelop the driver while a beautiful (optional) leather package that elevates the cockpit to a different class. Comfort and speed are melded together when the driver is in the seat. With everything at the fingertips of the driver, in an extremely organized way, it is beautifully designed to make driving fun again.
Porsche consistently does it. This vehicle has not faltered in design or performance since 2006 and has only elevated itself. Car buyers looking for power, efficiency, class and fun are sure to love the Porsche Cayman. When a car is designed exceptionally, from the inside out, a driver can’t help appreciate the level of care and precision.

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