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Common Repair Needs of Your Lexus RX350

by techplusaadmin August 26, 2021

When you buy a Lexus, repairs are the last thing you want to think about. We all know that Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota, and that brand is known for their dependable cars. They can seem to last a lifetime.

Your Lexus RX350 is no different. It’s stylish, has great features, and drives like a dream. Like all machinery, the RX350 has its own share of issues that you’re destined to run into in your Lexus ownership. We’ll share with you the most common repairs needed by the Lexus RX350. Depending on the year, these issues may vary. We’ll start off with some of the older models and what problems they frequently have.

Repairs for Older RX350s

Over the last 14 years of RX350s, the 2007 and 2008 models have had the worst luck when it comes to frequent repairs. One of the major issues suffered by these earlier models was the dashboard cracking after 69,000 miles. While some cases may have been minor problems, others ended up in large bills to replace the entire piece.

This problem actually prompted Lexus to send out a recall of the 2007 and 2008 RX350 models to replace their dashboards. Dealerships swapped this out for free, but only for a limited time of 10 years from the initial purchase.

If you drive one of these models, be sure to look out for a cracked dashboard if the problem hasn’t already been resolved. Bring your RX350 into our shop and we’ll gladly help.

Another issue suffered by the 2007 and 2008 RX350 models was with the power steering mechanism. Leaks in the rack & pinion assembly were less common than the dashboard issue, but still significant. It required both finding the leak and possibly having to replace the assembly altogether, which isn’t a cheap repair to begin with.

In addition, RX350 models from 2007-2010 suffered from two more major issues that also ended up in costly repairs. The most annoying problems were massive oil leaks and faulty AC amplifiers.

The oil leak issue was caused by a VVT-i oil line commonly known to burst. This repair was expensive not only because the owner had to pay for a completely new oil line, but the engine bay and undercarriage both required a deep cleaning. Labor costs are not cheap for a repair like this.

With the air conditioning issue, the problem was much simpler but was still a relatively expensive fix. If your RX350 suffers from this now, you can be sure that our mechanics know the issue well and will conduct repairs with ease.

On average drivers reported more issues with the 2007 and 2008 RX350 models than any others. Lexus adapted to these problems in their newer models, and you’ll rarely see the same issues today. Since we’re on the topic of newer RX350 models though, we’ll continue with the most common issues RX350 owners face currently.

Repairs for Newer RX350s

Here’s our list of the most common repairs we perform on newer RX350 models:

  • transmission leak inspections
  • windshield washer pump replacement
  • sunroof motor replacement
  • horn relay replacement
  • brake bleed
  • drive axle assembly drain and refill
  • mass airflow sensor replacement
  • air conditioning recharge

You may not have had these issues with your RX350 yet. Newer models have been quoted as extremely dependable cars with low yearly repair costs. But you should always be mindful of preventing these issues from ever happening to you by consistently bringing your RX350 in for routine, scheduled maintenance.

You should always have both your car’s well-being in mind if you own an automobile. Waiting for serious problems to happen instead of taking advantage of routine maintenance will cost you a pretty penny in a surprise situation. Bring your RX350 into our shop for affordable maintenance.

Choose Tech Plus Automotive For Expert RX350 Repairs and Maintenance

Here at Tech Plus Automotive, we Lexus RX350 AC Service pride ourselves in being a team of technicians specializing in European and luxury service. We are the go-to auto mechanic shop for quality service at a fair price. We service customers in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ. Enjoying your RX350 again is only a phone call away, so schedule service today!

* Lexus RX350 image credit goes to: nuttapong.

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