Computerized Wheel Alignment

Computerized Wheel Alignment from the Experts in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin May 30, 2019

It is crucial that every vehicle has properly aligned wheels. When your tires are out of alignment, you will experience a whole host of issues that complicate your driving experience and damage other parts of your car. It used to be standard for vehicles to have their wheels manually aligned. Of course, those mechanics did not have the cutting edge technology that we do today. Computerized wheel alignment has become the preferred choice of many shops and car owners.

In this article, we will discuss computerized wheel alignment, including what it involves, what it usually costs, and why it is a preferred choice over manual alignment.

What is a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignments are processes done to maintain vehicles by adjusting the angle of the wheels to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Why are wheel alignments important?

Having your wheels aligned properly will keep you out of danger. When they are misaligned, you may experience:

● Premature wearing down of tires
● Difficult steering and turning
● Decreased gas mileage
● Listing while driving (driving crookedly)

All of these factors lead to accidents and costly repairs. When your wheels are aligned, you experience:

● A smooth ride
● Tires that last about as long as a manufacturer claims
● Plenty of gas mileage
● Easy controls

As you can see, wheel misalignment is a more serious problem than you would initially think that could leave both you and your vehicle damaged beyond repair.

What does a computerized wheel alignment involve?

Your car is taken for a test drive to determine the problem. This could be a deeper issue than just misalignment. If it is found that your suspension is also a problem, you will need that repaired before the alignment process begins. Once your suspension is taken care of, your mechanic raises your vehicle up so that they are about eye level with the wheels. An alignment machine is clamped onto your wheels. The mechanic then uses a computer to adjust them based on specific and precise measurements based on the information given by the vehicle manufacturer. Another test drive is done to see if your tires were properly aligned. If not, the process will begin again.

What does a computerized wheel alignment cost?

Rates will vary by shop, and other issues that are found may increase the initial estimate. It also depends on whether you are getting just your front tires or all wheels aligned. However, you can get a general estimate based on the prices listed across several auto shops.

The general price range of a computerized wheel alignment is anywhere from $89-$200. This seems expensive, but it is the most accurate way to have your tires aligned as close to the original manufacturing as possible. This will help you save money in the long run with longer gas mileage and longer wear for your tires.

Why Vehicle Owners and Mechanics Prefer Computerized Over Manual

Computerized alignments are far more precise than manual alignments. Computers are designed to calculate faster and more accurate than humans may be able to do consistently. This is why factories often use them and why auto shops supplement human labor with technology. If you want the best and most accurate wheel alignment that money can buy, you should choose computerized alignment technology.

Where to Go for Computerized Wheel Alignment

You will eventually need to have your wheels realigned, Expert Wheel Alignment and the computerized method is the best and safest option possible. In that case, you should get yourself over to Tech Plus Automotive, especially if you are the owner of a luxury vehicle. Your car requires more care and attention to detail than domestic models, and our technicians can provide that for you.

We specialize in using technology to finely tune your vehicle, and your wheel alignment is no exception. You can rest assured that when you trust in us, your car will be as good as new again!

We primarily service the following brands:

● Acura
● Infiniti
● Jaguar
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mercedes
● Porsche
● Volvo

We service customers in these locations in Arizona: Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale. Give us a chance to show you that Tech Plus Automotive can be your future provider for all of your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs.

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