Volvo Worn Suspension Bushings

Dealing with Your Volvo’s Suspension Bushing Issues in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin November 30, 2019

There are many types of suspension bushings, which are meant to isolate the suspension from the body of your vehicle. They reduce vibrations and shocks, thereby eliminating potential harm to sensitive engine components. They accomplish this by working in combination with shock absorbers and are fitted to many different parts of the vehicle. A second major function of the suspension bushings is to keep components in place during vehicle operation.

Different types of suspension bushings are specifically made for certain parts of the vehicle. There are suspension bushings for control arms, shock absorbers, springs, sway bars and more. Volvo‘s suspension bushings are made from rubber, but there are other kinds made of polyurethane and other materials.

Because of their durability, there is no specific maintenance or replacement period. Still, the suspension bushings are, just like any other vehicle component, vulnerable to wear and tear over time, especially since they are made of rubber. They will dry out and lose elasticity after a while.

Signs of Worn Suspension Bushings

When the suspension bushings of your Volvo wear down, it can cause a multitude of problems in that, during vehicle operation, there is little or no protection for the metal components. This leaves parts vulnerable to shock, and they can also grind against one another while the vehicle is being operated. Worn down suspension bushings can result in extreme wearing of your tires, instability in the braking mechanisms, and difficulty steering. These effects, along with the increased risk of damage to engine components, can make driving your Volvo dangerous.

How to Know When Your Volvo’s Suspension Bushings Fail

Some of the major symptoms of worn or otherwise failing suspension bushings are:

Rattling noises when driving on unpaved roads
Clunking noises when turning or braking
● The vehicle feels as if it is continuously vibrating or trembling
● Difficulty or resistance when steering, or loose steering.

Because suspension bushings protect many different components of your vehicle, these are only a handful of major symptoms to look for. The types of noises listed can come from many different components, so as soon as these signs are observed, contact your mechanic to have them diagnose the problem.

Suspension bushings will wear out at different rates, depending on the vehicle and use. Drivers who frequently use their vehicles on unpaved roads will find their suspension bushings wear faster than others.

How to Prevent Potential Issues With Suspension Bushings

The rate of wear and tear on your Volvo’s suspension bushings is almost completely dependent on where and how you choose to drive your vehicle. Depending on the model of your Volvo, there are many things you can do to extend the life of your suspension bushings.

A more thorough list of things that can wear on your suspension bushings is as follows:

● Age/time
● Pulling heavy loads
● Debris: dirt, oils, etc.
● Heat
● Frequent driving/movement
● Driving on uneven terrain or unpaved roads.

For those with larger models, those capable of pulling loads, you can extend the life of your suspension bushings by avoiding excessive weight or hauling things less frequently. This will help to relieve some of the tension on the rubber and subject it to such pressures significantly less often.

For any model, if you find yourself driving often and especially for long distances, you can care for your suspension bushings by remaining consistent with standard vehicle maintenance. Preventing issues such as oil leaks and excessive heat exposure by proper maintenance procedures will help to ensure longevity for your suspension bushings.

Schedule an Appointment With a Tech Plus Automotive Mechanic

If you have observed any of the symptoms, Volvo Suspension Issue Check call the experts at Tech Plus Automotive as soon as possible. Although it may seem like just an annoyance in sound and steering, failure of your Volvo’s suspension bushings can lead to more serious issues and leave engine components increasingly vulnerable to damage. Our mechanics care not only for the excellent performance of your vehicle but also for your safety when driving it. You can find our services at the following locations: Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ. At Tech Plus Automotive, you can be sure that you and your vehicle are in good hands. Contact us today for an appointment or stop by for a consultation.

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