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Don’t Ignore a Failed ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

by techplusaadmin February 23, 2020

The ABS system is the anti-lock braking mechanism in your Jaguar. This ensures that when you are in a situation that requires hard braking, your wheels do not lock up and skid out of control. An important component in the braking system is the ABS accumulator. Let’s dive deeper into the ABS system with some common signs of early malfunctioning of the ABS accumulator and discuss the importance of servicing this problem as soon as possible. We’ll also advise you where to go for trusted repair of this important component of your Jaguar.

The Function of the ABS Accumulator

The ABS accumulator is a pressure storage component in your brake system. It is essential for hard braking in times of need, making it a safety feature in your Jaguar that must be operational at all times.

The ABS accumulator stores pressure to aid the electric pump in your brake system and supplies it with enough pressure to stop your vehicle on demand. The ABS accumulator uses nitrogen gas to create pressure, which is then applied to a rubber diaphragm. This then depresses into the hydraulic fluid, which it also separates, creating pressure within the fluid that can then be used by the braking system.

Because it guarantees that your brakes are supplied with the pressure needed to perform instantly, your ABS accumulator is an essential safety system. It is important on hazardous roads such as those with black ice or snow. In times like this, the ABS accumulator is able to save the day and ensure your safety.

Common Signs of ABS Accumulator Failure

It is not hard to tell if your ABS accumulator is faulty, as you will be able to feel how unsafe your vehicle will become when braking. In fact, when your ABS fails, your Jaguar should not be driven at all. ABS accumulator failure impacts the response time and the effectiveness of your brakes, making your car a hazard to yourself and other drivers.

Less Resistance

When you push on the brake pedal, it should take little effort to slow or stop your car when the brake system is functioning properly. When this system begins to fail, you may feel less resistance and require more effort to stop when desired. Drivers may begin to notice they have to apply more pressure to the pedal to stop in time. At this stage of failure, you should make an appointment with your trusted Jaguar service center to avoid any further brake system issues, many of which can be incredibly dangerous for you and others. At this point, you are being given a fair warning that something is beginning to fail, and the accumulator may be a problem too. This early stage affords you the opportunity to fix the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Brake Lock

Alternatively, the brakes may lock up entirely when you press the brake pedal. This can cause your Jaguar to skid out of control, since you will decelerate far more quickly and unexpectedly than desired. This could easily cause a rear-end collision, since the driver behind you may not be able to avoid your sudden stop.

Warning Light

An ABS accumulator failure may trigger the illumination of a dashboard warning light. This should never be ignored, as your safety is now in jeopardy. The warning indicator will usually illuminate in an amber or even red color, depending on your model. If your Jaguar model does not have an ABS warning light, you may notice the check engine light instead. The warning signal will also accompany other above signs, indicating a brake system issue that needs immediate service.

Tech Plus Automotive for Your Jaguar

When faced with ABS accumulator failure, bring Jaguar Antilock Braking System Check your Jaguar to our expert technicians at Tech Plus Automotive. Our specialists are ASE certified mechanics who utilize the latest technology to inspect, diagnose, and repair your Jaguar. Your vehicle requires special care of its most intricate components. Our staff takes great pride in being fully-knowledgeable of your Jaguar’s delicate components and intricate systems. We consistently receive five-star reviews from our customers, giving you the confidence you need to trust us with your particular model of Jaguar. Call us today for an appointment or come by to speak to one of our technicians. We look forward to meeting you.

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