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Factors that Cause an Idler Pulley Failure in a Land Rover by Experts in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin April 20, 2022

The Land Rover is one of the leading European vehicles when it comes to driving in rough terrain or in city commutes. As the SUV crosses more miles, some components may start to have issues from wear and tear. Regular maintenance may slow down the imminent failure of these components, but in the long run, they have to be replaced, such as with an idler pulley.

The idler pulley in a Land Rover acts as a guide that directs the engine belt to the crankshaft and causes movement in the air-conditioner compressor, alternator, and steering pump. It helps in driving the entire belt system of the vehicle.

The idler pulley was designed to last for years. However, it may fail as the car is being used often. Land Rover owners may need to change the idler pulley after the mileage crosses 100,000 miles.

Common Causes of Idler Pulley Failure

The idler pulley of your Land Rover may fail as a result of the following:

  • Wearing of the pulley: This happens when the idler pulley constantly touches the engine belt over time. This would lead to the reduction of tension in between the pulley and the belt, causing the belt to slip.
  • Crack in the pulley: A cracked pulley will not hold the belt. This will cause a slip or even tear in the pulley.
  • Freezing of the ball bearing: This condition may cause the pulley to be hard to turn.

Recognizable Symptoms of a Failed Idler Pulley

Before the idler pulley in your Land Rover completely fails, it will give you some warning signs. You need to have knowledge of these indicators so that you will know when to visit our professional mechanics for assistance.

Some symptoms include:

  • Wear marks on the pulley: Visible wear on the surface of the idler pulley is caused by the heat produced when the pulley rotates around the engine belt. This is a visible symptom of pulley failure.
  • Noise in the Engine Belt: When you notice a squealing sound from the idler pulley, it may be a warning sign that the pulley is worn out and causing the pulley to bind or slip.
  • Damaged bearing or pulley: A damaged (broken or cracked) pulley shows that the idler pulley is failing. When you check the internal components of your Land Rover, be on the lookout for cracks in the idler pulley. Do not hesitate to bring your car to our professionals as soon as you notice the cracks so that it does not result in the belt slipping or even tearing.
  • Pulley is Stuck or Hard: If you notice that the idler pulley of your Land Rover is always stuck and does not turn easily, it is time to bring your Land Rover in for an inspection and repairs.
  • Wobbling of Moving Belt: A symptom of idler pulley failure is that the engine belt of your car does not move steadily and can slip out of place.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your Land Rover, bring your SUV to us today. Driving with a failed idler pulley is dangerous, as it could lead to an accident if the alternator or cooling belt of the engine is affected.

Tech Plus Automotive Can Replace a Failed Idler Pulley in Your Land Rover

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