Mercedes Automatic Transmission Erratic Shifting

How to Deal with Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission in Your Mercedes

by techplusaadmin December 5, 2021

The transmission system of any car is what provides the necessary energy for it to move. It is also no surprise the luxurious Mercedes-Benz brand boasts one of the best transmissions in the world.

The Mercedes-Benz transmission system is characterized by precise gear selection, short shift times, high ride comfort, and optimal economic efficiency. But, like all working parts, the transmission system is also prone to the occasional fault. This article focuses on the possible problems of its automatic transmission, particularly with erratic shifting.

Symptoms of Erratic Shifting

Erratic shifting is a common problem with Mercedes transmission. While the problem may sometimes develop without warning signs, it usually gives some indication of a problem, and it only gets worse over time if left unattended.

Erratic gear shifting does not usually require expensive transmission repair to have the issue rectified. However, if the problem is left unattended for a long period, it may cause extensive damage to the transmission, which is costly to fix.

Below are some symptoms that may let you know that you have this problem:

  • Unstable Shifting: This is the most obvious symptom of erratic shifting. As the name implies, erratic shifting would cause irregular gear changing. This problem can suddenly cause your gear to jerk during transmission or make it difficult for your car to stay in gear. This is also called transmission slipping. It can also cause you to experience a feeling of sudden resistance from your gear. Drivers would feel this hesitation as the car lurches while trying to direct power.
  • Difficulty Accelerating: Because the transmission has trouble transferring the energy from the engine to the vehicle wheels, you might also experience slower acceleration. The vehicle might also lurch a bit as it struggles to accelerate.
  • Burning Smell: A burning smell in your Mercedes can also indicate an erratic shifting problem. This could be from the transmission system burning hot due to low transmission fluid levels.
  • Odd Noises: You may also hear unusual noises from your car during gear shifting, and these noises can sound like grinding or clunking. If you notice this in your car, it is best to have your transmission examined.
  • Check Engine Light: This is another obvious sign of a problem with the transmission. However, a glowing engine light can be for various other reasons in the motor. If you notice this sign along with any of the previously mentioned symptoms, you likely have a transmission problem on your hands.

Causes of Erratic Shifting Transmission Problem in Mercedes

The complex transmission system of Mercedes is made up of several parts, and any malfunction of one or more of these parts can cause an erratic gear shifting problem in your vehicle. Some of these causes include:

  • A Faulty Solenoid: These solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves in the automatic transmission system. They are responsible for directing the flow of transmission fluid in the system. They open and close depending on the type of signal they receive from the engine or transmission system. Hence, a faulty solenoid can result in an array of issues with the transmission.
  • Clogged Transmission Lines: It is not unusual for transmission lines to get blocked with dirt. The accumulated dirt eventually restricts sufficient transmission fluid from reaching vital areas. Clogged transmission lines can result in erratic gears and share the same effects with low transmission fluid levels or a faulty pump.
  • Wear and Tear: Ultimately, damage from wear and tear is inevitable. The transmission system of your Benz is made of many moving parts, and the constant working of these parts can trigger their wear. The gradual wear of the components eventually leads to a complete breakdown.

Erratic shifting in automatic transmission can be pretty dangerous, leaving your car scrambling for power when it needs it the most. This is why you take your car to a professional auto shop as soon as you notice any symptoms.

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