Volvo Failure Motor Mounting

How to Deal With Motor Mount Failure in Your Volvo

by techplusaadmin June 16, 2019

The engine is without a doubt the life of a car. Most vehicle components run as a result of the engine running. This is why engines have continued to improve over time since the days of steam and coal powered engines. All these improvements are geared towards ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently. For this to be achieved, there are a number of many smaller components that play different roles. One such component in the engine is the motor mount.

The motor mount is a device made out of steel and fortified rubber. It is located beneath the engine. Just as the name suggests, this is the device on which the engine is mounted and attached to the body of the car. Other than firmly securing the engine onto the body of the car, the motor mount is also responsible for absorbing the vibrations that come from the engine. It would make it uncomfortable to ride in the car if those vibrations weren’t absorbed.

In luxury and foreign brands, the engines have increasingly been tweaked to ensure that owners of these vehicles get nothing short of enviable performance on and off the road. One such brand is the Volvo. It never fails to feature safety and excellence in performance. However, for Volvo drivers, the last problem that is usually on their minds is motor mount failure. The motor mounts in Volvos reportedly need replacing sooner than later for several reasons. We will discuss those in the article below.

Causes of Motor Mount Failure in Volvos

The main cause of motor mount failure in the Volvo is deterioration of the rubber bits of the mount. This deterioration can be caused by a number of factors, top among them being premature wear from the extreme temperature in the engine compartment. This heat causes expansion and contraction of the rubber, which can easily develop cracks or dry out and start to disintegrate. In time, the mount will become loose.

Another cause of premature wear of the motor mount is careless driving. Driving carelessly over rough terrain and continually using poor roads will overwork the motor mount. This extreme wear and tear will lead to the break down of the rubber in the mount.

Signs of Motor Mount Failure in Volvos

Some of the most common signs of motor mount failure include:

Excessive vibrations: When the motor mount in your Volvo is faulty, you will notice an increase in vibrations from the engine compartment. These vibrations will be more pronounced when accelerating or when carrying heavy loads, because the engine will need to work harder to keep up with the demand.

Clunking noises in the engine bay: These noises are a direct result of the damaged motor mounts in the engine. As the car moves, these bits will bang and knock against the other car parts in the engine compartment, causing noises. The engine may also start to knock against the chassis of the car, since the motor mounts will no longer be securing it firmly.

Engine Movement: Depending on the kind of damage that the motor mount are exposed to, the engine may also start to move around in the engine bay. This movement will also be more pronounced when the engine is under great strain, for instance, when carrying heavy loads or during accelerating.

How to Fix the Problem

Like all car parts, the motor mount requires replacement after covering thousands of miles, even with servicing. A driver should allow a mechanic to Volvo Car Repair conduct regular inspections to ensure identification of motor mount failure before any actual damage occurs. This is why you should stick to a proper Volvo servicing routine as recommended by the manufacturer.

In addition, avoiding careless driving on poor road surfaces will help save the motor mounts from premature damage. Should you notice the signs of motor mount failure in your Volvo, you should immediately enlist the services of a certified professional mechanic.

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