Mercedes Control Arm Bushing

How to Detect a Damaged Control Arm Bushing in a Mercedes

by techplusaadmin March 11, 2020

Your Mercedes is made up of thousands of parts. We all know that looking after your engine, brakes, tires, and suspension is important. However, we can often forget the importance of some of the smallest or most simple parts used within our cars. Remember, all parts are there for a reason and need to be well-maintained to ensure optimal performance. With this in mind let’s take a look at one of the often overlooked but important parts of your Mercedes: the control arm bushing. We will give you some tips to tell if this part has become damaged and needs professional repair.

The Function of the Control Arm Bushing

The control arm bushing is used to connect the front of your suspension to the frame of your car. There are 2 different kinds of control arm bushing: the upper arm and the lower arm. Each has rubber bushing surrounding them. The rubber bushing is needed to make the connection between the frame and the control arm in a way that does not cause damage as the vehicle is operated. They also help secure and safeguard the connection.

The rubber of the arm brushing also serves the secondary purpose of reducing the level of vibrations exerted upon the connection from bumps and shocks created when driving. The inside of the rubber bushing is coated with grease, which gives the connection parts lubrication to prevent excessive friction. This is important because the control arm takes a beating when you drive, so the bushing helps to protect this part from premature failure.

However, the bushing itself is not immune to becoming damaged and does have a projected lifespan. Over time, the rubber bushing will naturally dry out, leading it to crack and then start to crumble away. This will allow grease to leak from the bushing, leaving the parts underneath free to grind against one another and become damaged.

Signs and Symptoms of Control Arm Bushing Damage

There are five key signs that your Mercedes may give you to indicate a problem with the control arm bushing. It is important to be attentive to these warning signs, as these will help to prevent you from needing to deal with more severe damage or repairs.

1. Uncomfy Ride

When the control arm bushing is compromised, you’ll notice your Mercedes becomes much more uncomfortable to drive. This is because the bushing is responsible for dampening a lot of the vibrations which come from the front of the suspension. When this fails, vibrations are more likely to ripple through the car and be felt by the driver and passengers.

2. Reduced Brake Performance

This symptom is much more worrying and occurs when the control arm bushing doesn’t have a full link to the braking system of your Mercedes. This will affect the performance of the brakes. This won’t be a dramatic decline, but will leave your brakes feeling more unstable, with the front end of your Mercedes starting to rock.

3. Trembling when Turning

When you accelerate from a complete stop, you may notice the front half of your vehicle becomes shaky. This trembling will also start to become noticeable when turning at higher speeds. This is because the bushing is no longer protecting the metal pieces from friction, having become dry and unlubricated.

4. Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear, particularly of the front tires, can be directly caused by failed bushing. This allows for extra vibration as you drive, which can impact the way your front tires connect with the road.

5. Vibrating Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is connected to your suspension via the control arms. So, if the steering system and the control arms aren’t properly connected, you’ll likely notice that it vibrates when turning or braking.

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