Porsche Metal Shavings in Oil Effect

How to Diagnose Metal Shavings in a Porsche’s Oil

by techplusaadmin October 4, 2020

Over the years, one of the most common complaints of Porsche owners is the appearance of metal shaving in their car’s oil. Over time, metal shaving can hinder the car’s overall performance. In some cases, these metal shavings can damage integral components to your Porsche engine. In this article, we will provide you with ways to tell if you have metal shavings in your oil, understand the most common cause of this problem, and discuss what problems can arise from this issue.

Causes of Metal Shavings in Oil

There are a few things that are known to cause metal shavings to appear in your engine oil. In general, these are the same causes for most vehicles. However, Porsche owners have experienced some of these issues far sooner than other vehicle owners. Read on for more details.

Low-Grade Oil

Using an inferior grade oil is one of the primary causes of engine wear that can lead to metal shavings appearing in your oil. To avoid this, verify that your service technician is only using premium-grade oil when performing your regular maintenance. When in doubt, double-check and request only the best oil to improve and maintain your engine’s optimum performance.

Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, for Porsche owners, general wear and tear can result in metal shavings to appear in your oil. While many suggest that pushing a Porsche beyond the average drive to work, there is no real evidence that all owners that experience metal shavings in their oil, even drivers who utilize their engine’s powerful horsepower capabilties.

Maintenance Neglect

Porsche owners must be dedicated to making sure that their vehicle receives regular maintenance on a scheduled and as-needed basis. This includes routine oil changes performed by a certified technician trained to work on Porsches. Using substandard maintenance, whether due to convenience or cost, will greatly increase the chances that your Porsche will suffer the consequences. Do your car a favor and only allow maintenance from technicians who specialize in your Porsche’s intricate components.

Consequences of Metal Shavings in your Porsche

It is easy to understand how metal shavings can cause additional damage to your engine. As the oil circulates, the interior engine components become vulnerable to excess wear, since the metal shavings work like tiny knives, cutting aware at your engine from the inside out. This increases the amount of metal shavings that appear in your oil until it reaches a point where your oil is no longer able to circulate properly. Your engine will eventually begin to run rough and potentially overheat. This can lead to a wide range of issues, including catastrophic engine failure requiring an expensive rebuild.

Help is Near

If you are experiencing metal shavings appearing in your oil, then the first thing you must do is get in touch with one of our certified technicians. We will drain your oil and flush your engine with fresh oil. The goal is to remove as much of the metal shavings as possible.

Following this, you will want to ensure that you maintain a regular schedule of oil changes and avoid overtaxing your Porsche’s engine. In some cases, we will send shaving samples for testing to attempt to locate where the shavings are coming from. If necessary, additional repairs may need to be performed to curb this problem from happening in the near future.

No matter the cause, you will need to be dedicated to your maintenance schedule to avoid any ongoing damage from the metal shavings. Discuss these plans with your personal technician to figure out a plan of action as well as discuss any specific needs that are unique to your automobile.

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