Land Rover Intake Manifold Gasket

How to Fix the Malfunctioning Intake Manifold Gasket in Your Land Rover

by techplusaadmin March 6, 2019

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, the most important central components attached to so many other features in your vehicle that keep everything working. While the Land Rover is known for its reliable build, including the motor, there are always parts that might cause trouble. The intake manifold gaskets are one such component. These gaskets function as the seals in between each of your engine components. Once they are in place, they provide a reliable seal.

Your gaskets can be comprised of metal, rubber, paper, or a combination. The intake manifold gasket in particular seals the intake manifold against all of your cylinder heads. Some designs also serve to seal the engine coolant. Because of this, if something goes wrong with a faulty intake manifold gasket on your Land Rover, it could cause your vehicle to overheat and it can cause drivability issues.

So what are the symptoms of a failing intake manifold gasket in a Land Rover? The main things that you want to look out for include engine misfires and problems with performance, coolant leaks, and engine overheating. The problems with performance could be the result of a handful of issues, which is why having a professional mechanic diagnose the problem is important. You don’t want to go about replacing your intake manifold gaskets on your own just because your car started consuming more fuel than normal. Make sure you know what the problem is before you take any steps to fix it.

Engine Misfires

The most common symptom you will notice first and foremost is a problem with your engine performance. If your intake manifold gasket stops working properly, you might notice a greatly reduced gas mileage rate from your vehicle. As gaskets wear out, they start to leak, which means that the seal on your engine is no longer creating the vacuum seal needed to operate properly.

A bad intake manifold gasket can negatively influence the ratio of air to fuel in your engine, which will cause your engine to perform poorly. You might also notice a decrease in the power you have in your Land Rover and problems with your acceleration while driving.

Coolant Leaks

Another sign that your intake manifold gasket is faulty is if you have a coolant leak. Some of the intake manifold gaskets seal your engine coolant as well, so if they start to wear out your coolant will start to leak. One way to identify this is to check underneath your vehicle for drips or puddles of coolant. You might also notice the smell of coolant as you operate your Land Rover along with some steam that isn’t normally there. If you see a leak in your coolant, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent the problem from compounding and leading to problems like overheating and head gasket failure.


Another possible symptom of problems with your intake manifold gasket is engine overheating. If you have a coolant leak that is not properly addressed, it could cause your engine to overheat as the coolant level drops too low because of the leak. However, be advised that there are times when there are no visible leaks on a Land Rover and yet there is a coolant problem that leads to overheating. Any coolant leak needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your engine.

Trust the Pros at Tech Plus Automotive

When you bring your vehicle into one of our locations Range Rover Evoque we can help you to review the Land Rover and see if there is a problem with engine performance or coolant. Our team of qualified professionals can verify whether you have a problem with your intake manifold gasket and make the necessary repairs. Most of the time problems with the intake manifold gasket will produce identifiable symptoms that you as the driver can notice immediately, but there can be times when a leak goes undetected and the car doesn’t necessarily perform noticeably different than normal. To that end, if you suspect that you have a problem with your intake manifold gasket it is important to bring your vehicle into a qualified professional to have the gasket replaced as soon as possible. Come to Tech Plus Automotive, convenient to Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ.

* Range Rover Evoque image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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