Volvo Camshaft Position Sensor Failure

How to Spot Symptoms of Camshaft Position Sensor Failure in Your Volvo

by techplusaadmin August 17, 2018

Vehicles today are simply not made the way they used to be – and that’s generally a good thing. Especially when it comes to luxury European cars like Volvo, engine performance has been pegged down to a science where certain parts are designed to optimize engine functioning like never before. Just one of the parts that helps to optimize engine function is the camshaft position sensor.

Your Volvo is comprised of many different sensors that all perform vital roles in your car’s overall performance, including oxygen sensors, wheel speed sensors, and of course, the camshaft position sensor. The camshaft position sensor is a critical element for proper ignition timing. If you’re unsure of what the camshaft position sensor does in your Volvo, don’t panic – we’ll provide some basic information in this article about the part, including how you may notice the effects of failure should you encounter them.

What does the camshaft position sensor do?

As we mentioned before, the camshaft position sensor is a vital component for optimizing ignition timing and other related functions, such as fuel injection which aids in the ignition process. Like all the other sensors throughout your Volvo, the camshaft position sensor compiles data and relays it to the car’s ECU, or engine control unit. Ultimately, the part utilizes information about engine speed to help to optimize and streamline ignition processes – this is accomplished by determining what cylinders are firing when in order to conduct proper ignition timing and fuel injection.

If the camshaft position sensor fails, there are common symptoms that your Volvo will likely produce that you should be aware of. However, it’s important to note that not all vehicles respond in the same way to camshaft position sensor failure – especially if the exact cause of the issue differs. Up next, we’ll go over some warning signs you should be prepared for.

Warning signs of sensor failure to look out for

The symptoms associated with camshaft position sensor failure can mimic signs of other performance-related issues in your Volvo, and failure of this part can lead to seriously dangerous scenarios, so it’s always best to bring your vehicle to a Volvo specialist right away. These are the most documented signs of failure to look for:

Check-engine light

Your car is a phenomenal machine, designed to detect performance issues before you’re even aware of them yourself. If you notice your check-engine light has illuminated, it’s time to have your car serviced – or at least diagnosed. Luckily, when your car’s ECU emits a trouble code, your Volvo specialist will be able to read the code and determine that the problem lies with the camshaft position sensor.

Problems starting the car

Since the camshaft position sensor’s main job is to streamline engine timing for ignition, it’s highly possible that you’ll suddenly wake up one morning to find that your car won’t start. This is highly inconvenient for drivers who come to rely on Volvo consistency.

Performance issues

The most concerning aspect of camshaft position sensor failure is that it can happen at any time, without any noticeable progression of failure. This means that it can even happen while you’re traveling at high speeds, forcing your car into limp mode on the freeway. Here are some of the commonly associated performance issues:

o Sudden or gradual loss of power
o Engine stalling
o Engine misfiring
o Engine surging
o Problems shifting gears

How to prevent camshaft position sensor failure

New Red Volvo Car There are many other, smaller components that allow the camshaft position sensor to function properly, including various fuses, circuits, wiring, connectors, or other parts it communicates with. Therefore, it is essential to stay on top of your Volvo’s regular servicing intervals. With the help of the Volvo specialists here at Tech Plus Automotive, residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and McCormick Ranch, AZ, have successfully attended to camshaft position sensor issues. All of the servicing and maintenance we perform here at Tech Plus is aimed at preventing performance issues from arising, which is often due to premature part failure. If you’d like help establishing a maintenance routine for your Volvo that works for you, or you’ve experienced warning signs of camshaft position sensor failure, please contact us right away to schedule an appointment.

* New Red Volvo Car image credit goes to: ESezer.

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