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Jaguar Front Wheel Bearings: How Can They Last Longer?

by techplusaadmin March 17, 2021

Because of the sophistication and enduring reputation of the Jaguar brand, you want the best as far as performance, quality, and endurance out of your model. Aside from regular maintenance, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your Jaguar’s parts last you longer. One way to assure that your car stays at its highest standard is to do your best to make your front wheel bearings last longer.

The Purpose of a Front Wheel Bearing

A wheel bearing is a series of steel balls, called a raise. This is sealed by a metal ring. Wheel bearings allow wheels to turn easily, effortlessly, and as smooth as possible with little friction to glide at the correct speeds. These bearings and its housing is utilized in all vehicles today, and even airplanes.

Wheel bearings are in the metal axle shaft. They fit tightly and precisely inside the hub. This component is a hollow form made of metal which sits at the center of the wheel. It is this hub’s duty to hold the lug nut bolts to the tire, then to the wheel.

Diagnosing Wheel Bearing Damage

It can be difficult to diagnose whether you have wheel bearing damage or even suspect they are breaking or damaged. Any warning you may get would be while you are driving your Jaguar. Even then, you must have a keen ear to identify the particular sounds of a failing wheel bearing or its housing. Because this is so tricky, below are some hints to help you find the root of the problem.

The sounds of a wheel bearing failure may begin faintly if the seal on the wheel bearing is broken or wearing down. It can then expand as your Jaguar ages, when the front wheel bearing becomes more damaged. When your tires bump over debris on the road while driving or hit a pothole, it may sound different than what you normally hear in your drive.

Second, on an open road where it’s safe, drive at least 35-45 miles per hour while slowly steering your Jaguar side to side, shifting the vehicle’s weight. Take note if the front wheel bearing noise is easier to detect while doing this slow swaying motion. The affected front-wheel bearing could be on that side, or vice versa, if the noise is less when you turn to determine the side.

If your tires are worn in particular spots or they make a rhythmic sound which gets louder when you increase your speed, your front wheel bearings may be in need of repair. This can sound similar to a weak front wheel bearing, so when you hear this noise, make sure you check for uneven tread wear.

Tire wear can happen due to several different reasons, such as improper wheel alignment, having your tires underinflated or overinflated, or if your rims are bent. Your suspension also plays an important part in your tire wear. Check out your tires often to see how they are wearing and take particular note of the front wear patterns. Overinflation tends to wear more in the center of the tire. This can cause issues with the wheel bearings.

In addition, when the wheel and tire assembly are not properly in alignment, your wheels will become unbalanced. This variation can cause your tires to rotate improperly on the axle. You will most likely notice this inside the cabin as a vibration. The wheels may also wobble from side to side, which will be noticeable as you drive.

Finally, potholes can cause a crack in the wheel and housing, so beware of road conditions and avoid these road hazards if at all possible.

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