Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket Leak

Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket Leaks: What’s Important to Remember

by techplusaadmin September 18, 2018

Ongoing oil care is an important facet of vehicle maintenance that every driver should abide by – especially if you drive a Jaguar or other luxury import vehicle. Since Jaguars are highly performance-based, keeping up on oil changes is essential for their continued function and longevity. Oil pan gasket leaks are quite common amongst certain Jaguar models, which can cause serious trouble for your car’s performance fairly rapidly. This article will address some important considerations you’ll need to make when it comes to properly addressing oil pan gasket leaks in your Jaguar vehicle.

The oil pan gasket: an important purpose and function

Oil pan gaskets can be found in all cars because they serve a necessary function in performance, regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. Oil pans contain engine oil, and they are often susceptible to becoming damaged. It is common for the oil pan to become punctured and leak oil, which is one of the main sources of oil leaks in most vehicles. However, the oil pan gasket is another source of oil leaks.

What happens when the oil pan gasket fails?

An oil pan gasket’s main responsibility is to keep the oil contained beneath the engine. When oil pan gaskets are vulnerable to less than optimal road conditions, it can cause damage to the gasket causing oil to leak from beneath the car. Of course, these gaskets can also wear out naturally over time, in which case they’ll need to be promptly replaced. If oil pan gaskets aren’t replaced in a timely manner, the engine isn’t able to contain oil, which leads to heightened levels of friction between various engine components. This results in engine damage, which is expensive and difficult to fix.

Oil leaks: things to keep in mind

Like any other vehicular issue in your Jaguar, the first and most important task is to find the source of the problem. Finding out where an oil leak stems from is critical; if you can’t find the origin site of the issue, your engine will continue to lose oil. Here are some things you may want to think about when you encounter an oil leak in your own Jaguar:

• It’s important to use high quality replacement parts, such as original equipment manufacturer-recommended parts found in your owner’s manual.
• There are plenty of avenues that oil leaks can arise from, so it’s important to obtain an accurate diagnosis.
• You may need to replace multiple parts, including the oil pan gasket to ensure your Jaguar doesn’t encounter another leak.

Besides a leak, what else may you encounter?

Once an oil pan gasket fails, there are a number of red flags that alert the driver that something isn’t quite right. It’s important to always keep an eye on how your Jaguar is performing and to check the driveway before you take off. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:

• Smoke emitting from the engine – this often occurs when oil drips down burning hot engine parts
• Dashboard warnings illuminated, such as the oil pressure light
• Visible oil collecting on the ground beneath your oil pan

What you can do to prevent oil pan gasket leaks

Preventing oil leaks is not always simple; sometimes oil leaks can be due to more complex issues than simply an oil pan gasket failure. Therefore, there are some important maintenance tasks you should stay on top of for the life of your Jaguar in an effort to prevent leaks all together. Here are some helpful tips:

• Hire an automotive shop that specializes in caring for Jaguar vehicles
• Perform ongoing inspections of the engine, oil, and other related components like the oil pan and oil pan gasket
• Keep oil full and clean at all times by staying on top of oil care practices
• Use the right type of oil for your Jaguar (this can be found in your owner’s manual)

Jaguar Sports Car By following these simple maintenance tips, you’re sure to avoid oil leaks throughout the life of your vehicle. The Jaguar specialists here at Tech Plus Automotive have attended to countless oil leaks in Jaguar vehicles over the years with great success. Though oil leaks frequently occur in Jaguars, you don’t have to experience one of your own. If you are a resident of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or McCormick Ranch, AZ, please contact one of our helpful professionals today to schedule an inspection or a routine oil care procedure.

* Jaguar Sports Car image credit goes to: ian35mm.

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