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Jaguar X-Type Problems

Jaguar X-Type Problems

The Jaguar X-Type is a very popular model that was originally launched in 2001. However, there are a few common problems that Jaguar X-Type drivers should keep an eye out for.

Common Jaguar X-Type Problems

Let’s take a look at 7 of the most common issues that have been discovered in Jaguar X-Type models throughout the years.

1. Engine Rumbling

If you hear a low rumbling sound while driving an X-type, it is likely coming from the engine. This typically means there is an issue with the bottom crank pulley damper assembly. A rumbling engine represents a costly and time-consuming repair, unfortunately.

2. Engine Stalling

Whenever you notice the error codes P1211 and P0251 popping up on your diagnostics screen, it means the engine is stalling. Your faulty high-pressure fuel pump is need of a replacement at this time.

3. Heavy Clutch

The issue here is when your clutch keeps getting harder and heavier to apply. While this can happen to every vehicle over time, the X-Type has a reputation for being especially tough on the clutch system. A heavy clutch can be an indication that the entire clutch should be replaced. Waiting on this replacement can potentially cause more damage to the vehicle.

4. Malfunctioning Indicator Light

It’s always an issue when the indicator light is flashing yet the external indicator is not working. While it is not illegal to drive with a broken indicator, this issue may be difficult to notice without the help of a professional. X-Types made between the years 2001-2002 have been known to feature faulty indicators.

5. Issues With Automatic Gearbox

It’s well known that the automatic gearbox can have many issues in the X-Type models. Delays when surging forward, not smoothly accelerating, and clunking into gear are all signs of gearbox problems.

6. Gear Lever Cover Failure

In some cases, the gear lever cover will split in X-Types. You will need to fit a replacement cover to properly fix this problem.

7. Brake Pedal Sticking

Sticking means the pedal will not return to its proper resting position after it’s been pushed down. This is a common problem in Jaguar X-Type models. The issue boils down to a faulty internal spring in the brake servo unit, which calls for a full replacement.

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