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    Lexus is known for the quality of their vehicles and frequently take the number one spot for vehicle reliability lists. That’s because they manufacturer cars that aren’t just designed for precision, they’re designed to last. That makes your Lexus a real investment, and one that you can drive for decades if it’s taken care of properly. When you experience a problem you want a professional Lexus auto repair shop that maintains the integrity of your vehicle. At Tech Plus Automotive that’s what we deliver. From the diagnosis to repairs and cleanup, our ASE certified mechanics take the necessary steps to keep your vehicle looking, and running, flawlessly.

    Repairing your Lexus the right way.

    Toyota is known for its craftsmanship, and their Lexus luxury vehicle division is no different. Our mechanics perform repairs with the same precision the original manufacturers put into every facet of your car. That’s why we’re the trusted local repair center Lexus drivers rely on.

    • Repairs on your Lexus are provided by ASE Certified mechanics at our ASE Blue Seal Shop.
    • We only use high grade replacement parts that meet Lexus’s strict tolerance levels.
    • Our knowledgeable mechanics use cutting edge diagnostic tools to accurately identify problems.

    We can repair any vehicles problems you may encounter in every area of your Lexus. We work on Lexus brand sedans, sports cars, and SUV’s. Drive trains, engines, electrical systems, exhausts, brake systems, transmissions and more will be repaired by our dedicated and experienced team of mechanics. Don’t shorten your Lexus’s lifespan by leaving repairs to a general mechanic. Get specialized services and enjoy your Lexus for longer.

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    You don’t have to travel a great distance to find a local Lexus repair shop. We’re right nearby while providing services that are miles above the competition. Your automobile is an investment, but it only pays dividends when you can drive it. Get turn-key repair services now. Call or contact us in Scottsdale to schedule your repair appointment today.

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