Porsche Electronic Transmission

Reasons for a Failing Electronic Transmission in Your Porsche

by techplusaadmin September 2, 2020

When it comes to vehicles as exhilarating and powerful as Porsche, any problem that affects performance can be troubling. There are a number of reasons any car may have issues under the hood, but some of the more serious problems can lead to long-lasting problems with your vehicle.

Electronic transmissions are one of the most crucial parts when it comes to high performance and any sign of a failing transmission should be taken seriously by a driver. Below are some of the most common symptoms and reasons that yours is failing. Should you notice any of these signs, stop driving right away and take your car in to be fixed.

Electronic Transmission 101

To illustrate just how important this component is in a vehicle, we need to look at what the transmission does. In modern cars that no longer require a stick shift, the changing of gears is automatically handled by the electronic transmission.

Put simply, when you apply pressure to the pedal and the car begins to pick up speed, the onboard computer can select what gear the vehicle should be in depending on that speed. From there, the electronic transmission adjusts the gear the vehicle is in accordingly.

When the electronic transmission malfunctions, your car is at risk of driving in the wrong gear at the wrongtime. This can cause worsening transmission problems and failure to accelerate on demand. Fixing a transmission is a very expensive job, so it is best to take the warning signs seriously.

Reasons for a Failing Transmission

Before getting into some of the common symptoms, let’s look at a few common reasons for a failing electronic transmission:

Clogged Transmission Filter

Transmission fluid needs to be kept clean and pure. The transmission filter is responsible for this. Over time, the filter can become clogged as more and more particles get caught by the filter. This can lead to it becoming ineffective. It may not allow the necessary amounts of fluid into the right areas within the transmission system. This will negatively affect all the parts, potentially causing electronic transmission failure.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you begin to think your electronic transmission is failing and also notice that the transmission fluid appears to be low, the cause of the failure may be leaking transmission fluid. Check under your vehicle to see if any red fluid is dripping onto the ground.

Lack of Maintenance

Proper maintenance of any vehicle’s systems is incredibly important to performance. The transmission system should be maintained at the designated time. A failure to do so can lead to parts becoming worn out, eventually leading to a failure of the transmission system.

Symptoms of a Failing Transmission

These are some of the biggest signs that the electronic transmission is failing. If you notice any of these, you should take your Porsche to a trusted professional mechanic right away for inspection and repairs.

Delayed Shifting

When you speed up or slow down, your Porsche should not feel as if it is struggling to select the right gear. This condition feels rough and uncomfortable. It is one of the biggest signs that something is wrong with the transmission.

Lack of Staying in Gear

If you put your car into drive and it simply doesn’t move, you may be experiencing transmission slipping. The electronic transmission may not be functioning properly. Additionally, if your vehicle has paddles or quasi-manual shifting and there is no response, this is also indicative of a problem.

High Revving

Your vehicle may occasionally jolt for unexplained reasons. The cause could be due to your transmission slipping. Keep an eye on your RPMs as you drive and see if they jump in any abnormal ways.

Put Your Trust in Tech Plus Automotive

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