BMW HVAC Blower Failure

Reasons for an HVAC Blower Failure in a BMW from Certified Mechanics in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin October 15, 2021

BMW is a luxury German manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1916, BMW has brought a whole new meaning to comforts, style, reliability, and performance. Although they hold high standards throughout the manufacturing process, BMWs are still subject to part wear or malfunction. Below you will learn more about the HVAC system, specifically the blower, and what to look out for alerting you to part failure.

The HVAC System

The HVAC system, also known as the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, provides your vehicle with heat and air conditioning to allow for optimal comforts. The HVAC system is made up of several parts including a blower.

The HVAC blower is responsible for the physical action of air blowing through the vents to cool off and heat up the cab of your BMW for a comfortable ride. While BMW is known for being held to higher standards than most, the HVAC blower has been known to experience failure.

Commonly Reported Warning Signs of HVAC Blower Failure in BMW

A failing HVAC blower is not detrimental to the performance of your vehicle. However, it is quite annoying as it takes away from the comforts you expect your BMW to provide. Fear not, HVAC blower failure is accompanied by several warning signs that are very apparent to drivers before it completely fails.

A decrease in airflow emitted from the vents is one of the most reported warning signs of HVAC blower failure. While this is a common sign of HVAC blower failure, it could also be caused by electrical issues, so it is important to have your vehicle assessed by a professional right away.

When the HVAC blower fails, you may notice that your vehicle’s HVAC system will only emit air from the vents on one setting or speed versus the multiple speeds that should be available. For example, your vehicle may only blow air on high or low but nothing in between. While this is not a danger to the safety of drivers, it is very discomforting and takes away from the perks that BMW offers.

Why does the HVAC blower fail?

BMW holds its vehicle manufacturing process to high standards, meaning they thoroughly inspect each part as it is brought through. Although each part is carefully assessed, mistakes happen. Faulty parts sometimes make it out of the dealership, meaning your vehicle may leave the dealership with a defective HVAC blower resulting in premature failure.

In addition to a manufacturer error, and general wear and tear (which is inevitable), your BMW may also experience a malfunction with the blower motor relay. This relay controls the proper function of the blower itself. When the relay fails, the blower is unable to perform its functions resulting in no airflow from the vents.

HVAC blower failure leaves drivers to suffer through extreme temperatures with inadequate air conditioning and/or heat. Unlike other parts that fail in your BMW that may leave your safety to question, drivers think the failure of the HVAC blower is just an inconvenience.

It is important that you do not ignore the potential or total failure of the HVAC blower. Being exposed to extreme temperature changes in a vehicle without proper heating and cooling technologies puts you at risk for temperature-related injuries.

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