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Signs of Coolant Leaks in Your BMW from Certified Mechanics in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin June 7, 2021

BMW drivers are used to their cars running and functioning well. However, sometimes a problem can arise, such as a coolant leak. Coolant is critical in any vehicle. It has the fundamental function of providing antifreeze protection and transferring heat.

Coolant prevents engine damage from either boiling or freezing temperatures. The heat can only be transferred in liquid form, so it is essential to keep coolant from evaporating or freezing. If your coolant ever gets to the point of boiling, the metal on your engine can actually melt.

Depending on the layout under the hood, there may be very little space for good airflow. This means it will take a minimal amount of time for your engine to overheat. Coolant has the overall job of protecting your engine from high and low temperatures, both of which could have a devastating effect on your engine’s life.

Four Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

If you are wondering why your BMW might be experiencing a coolant leak, read on for four common problems that you might be facing in your BMW:

Weak radiator cap: Your radiator cap needs to work correctly at all times. If your cap becomes weak, you could lose coolant from the overflow tube. In addition, the radiator is a pressurized system, and any loss of pressure could result in a leak.

Damaged radiator: There are multiple ways your radiator could obtain damage, one of which is simply the passage of time. It could also be damaged due to road debris striking it while you drive or due to corrosion. If your radiator becomes damaged, coolant will not be able to cycle through the engine in the manner it should. This could lead to overheating and other engine problems.

Bad head gasket: The entire job of the head gasket is to prevent coolant from leaking on parts of the engine. When the head gasket becomes damaged, the coolant can flow into a cylinder or the crankcase, and this can cause a catastrophic engine issue. The coolant could mix with the oil in the engine or come into contact with a spark plug. These are major problems.

A failed water pump: One of the primary functions of the water pump is to ensure the coolant is circulated throughout the entire coolant system. Therefore, if the water pump becomes damaged, you may get a coolant leak.

Five Signs of a Coolant Leak

If you are concerned that your BMW might have a coolant leak, we’ve listed the four most common signs that coolant is leaking from your car:

Poor gas mileage: There are many different issues a car can experience that results in poor gas mileage. For example, when your vehicle is suffering from leaking coolant, you may need to fill up on gas more often. The reason is that when the coolant is not working correctly, the car will start to generate too much heat. Then your vehicle will have to work harder to maintain the proper temperature. This will make your vehicle less fuel efficient.

Overheating: One of the symptoms that most people recognize as an issue with their cooling system is when their car starts overheating. You will notice your temperature gauge in your car goes up higher than usual and rather rapidly. You might also see smoke coming from your engine. If your vehicle is overheating, you should find a safe place to pull over and turn the engine off. Then, call our mechanics right away and get your car towed.

Compromised engine oil: A less problematic issue is when the coolant is leaking internally. This could be due to a leaky seal which will result in contamination. If the leak is internal, the coolant and engine oil could mix with severe and sometimes catastrophic engine issues and damage. These liquids mixing together will stop the oil from lubricating and circulating properly, damaging the engine.

A puddle under your vehicle: Seeing a puddle under your vehicle is a pretty good indicator that you have a coolant leak. The more immense the puddle, the faster you are leaking.

Sweet aroma: Finally, you might notice a sweet smell coming from the engine area. Coolant has a sickly-sweet aroma. If you can smell it, there is a problem.

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