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Solving BMW Electronic Issues in Scottsdale

by techplusaadmin May 6, 2021

Electronics in cars have increased dramatically in recent years, especially with top-of-the-line cars such as a BMW. Unfortunately, this also means a rise in electronic issues has become more common as well.

Electronic issues can be quite serious, and can recur over time without proper car maintenance. Issues with electronics could result in problems throughout the car, from the motor to the air conditioning. Let’s take a closer look below.

Common Electronic Issues in BMWS

While it is possible for a host of electronic issues to occur, some are more common than others. For BMW owners, it is important to be able to both recognize and understand some of the more common issues in order to be able to bring the car for maintenance as soon as it is necessary. Some of the most common electronic issues within BMWS are:

Low Power or Losing Power Altogether

While most people think of low battery as a battery issue, it actually has a wide range of causes. Some other reasons for low power can be a terminal issue, or even a line/wire that has begun to corrode.

Cords especially can begin to fail, and anything that has been exposed to inclement weather has an increased risk of corrosion. All of these things can lead to an insecure connection between your car and your battery, thus causing power issues.

Alternator Issues

Issues with the alternator are often much more common and much more obvious when you are driving. Some signs of this may be your lights beginning to dim suddenly or your air conditioning/heating suddenly fails or decreases in strength.

The alternator can also interfere with the charging of your battery, which can lead to a whole different section of issues. Luckily, alternators are fairly easy to replace, and can also be tested, much like a battery.

Problems with the Ignition System

The ignition switch in your vehicle is kind of a critical component, as it is what actually causes your BMW to start. If the ignition switch is having trouble, users may be tempted to ignite the car continuously and repeatedly, which can actually lead to more trouble as it will often flood the engine.

If you don’t hear the familiar click when you turn your key on your console, your ignition switch may be broken. Since it is such an important piece of the vehicle, maintenance on the ignition switch should be left to professionals.

If your key won’t turn, it may be an issue with your steering. You can try turning the steering wheel slightly before starting the car, but this likely means you need to take it to an expert. Forcing it often leads to broken keys and frustrated vehicle operators.

Any indicator lights, such as the steering lock symbol on your dashboard, are also signs that you should take your BMW in to see an experienced technician.

Cable Issues

When it comes to electronic issues, cable issues are actually probably both the most common cause as well as the most overlooked cause. A broken cable usually results from wear and tear. It can cause massive headaches and even thousands of dollars in repairs if not properly checked before replacing other parts.

A skilled technician will have all the equipment needed to replace a cable, and also the knowledge to check for damage to cables before anything else.

Fuse Issues

Fuse issues can also be a huge hassle for BMW owners, as a blown fuse can completely disable the entire dashboard. It can also interrupt the flow of electricity in other areas of your vehicle. Careful checking of the fuse box and switching out any that appear damaged are a good solution to this issue.

Where to take your BMW if it has these Issues

While electronic issues in your BMW can be BMW Battery Inspection quite frustrating, with the right service they can be nothing more than a minor headache and a quick return to the road.

If your BMW is having electronic issues, you should take it to Tech Plus Automotive, located in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch, and Scottsdale, AZ. Our certified technicians are experts at BMW repair and will be able to quickly identify and solve any issues you might be experiencing.

* BMW Interior image credit goes to: gargantiopa.

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