Computerized Engine Analysis

Specialty Service: Engine Rebuilding

by Admin January 19, 2016

Are you looking to have adobe work done to your car, but don’t know where to go? Do you need a general inspection done because you’re not sure what is exactly wrong with your vehicle? This can be a very confusing, and frustrating time. But with a little time and patience, you will have everything squared away. Rebuilding engines is just one of the many services Tech Plus Automotive offers. Let’s take a look at what this process entails.


As with anything that needs to be rebuilt, they will first start by disassembling the entire engine. That way each part is ready for the next steps. When it’s apart they will go through and perform a rebuild engine evaluation to see if it is feasible. Next, through a series of heating the motor, all grease and oil from the engine is removed.


Next they must check to make sure there are not any cracks anywhere in the motor. If there are, then they cannot proceed until the cracks are fixed. This is a very precise and time-consuming task. But when it comes to your vehicle, you want everything done right


All other parts to the engine will be checked for cracks as well. Any parts that appear to show any wear and tear, will be replaced with new parts. In addition to these parts being replaced, all engine parts will be thoroughly cleaned. When all the seals and parts have been replaced, a vacuum system is attached to ensure that there are no leaks in the system. If everything checks out ok, they will continue with rebuilding an engine.
After a final cleaning, and check the engine is slowly reassembled, one part at a time. I bet you never thought that a process as difficult as this would be so simple for you to get done. It’s easy at some places for pieces to get lost in the shuffle. But it’s at a business like this where you feel comfortable leaving you vehicle. Because you know it is in the hands of true professionals.

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